Daily Afternoon Randomness (34 HQ Photos)

Been running into a lot of Chivers in Venice Beach lately. We appreciate the love and the input (which we value more than you think). We'll be in the basement of our favorite watering hole, the Townhouse, later this evening if you're thirsty.

Chive On and Happy Friday,


For Auburn and Alabama girls, Click here and here.

  • greyson cervantes

    score for #34.
    get it right alabama and auburn =]

  • Danny

    They do the mix your own beer thing at whole foods, oh and GO GATA!!

  • Matt

    That gator girl is greatness….chive you need to do something with all college alums/students sending in to battle for best school… I am a gator fan but i think this back in forth in the SEC has been amazing and should be done on a broader scale.

  • barker

    #32 – where the hell is that?

    • ObviousTroll

      Castle of Trakai , Lithuania.

      • bananah


  • Kyle51

    #34 thank you!! Been watching enviously at the other SEC girls. You’re by far the best tho. Go GATORS!!!


    #1: BEE all you can BEE

  • Dan M

    #34 Is the classiest, sexiest, and most beautiful by far. Hot without being a tit showing tramp.

  • konaehukai

    #17. A Ginger Festival? Where is this? I must go

  • Rockchalk

    #21 Amazing

  • crapflinger

    #23 ….you don't have a kroger?

  • navyguypd

    #23 a lot of stores do that, nothing new

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  • Zach D.

    #34 I love you. GO GATORS!!!

  • Belgian guy

    #23 Duvel, Stella Artois, Leffe, one of the finest Belgian beers
    proud to be a Belgian!

  • name here

    #17 weird not a soul in sight….

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