9-11 Firepower Afternoon Randomness (38 HQ Photos)

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  • Bill57

    great post Rick….Thanks


    its truly sad that fire, cops, ems aren't even invited to the ceremony.

  • Yoda

    First class. Well done.

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  • durendin

    The guy in picture 22 isn't an American soldier…!

    • Doug the Canuck!

      Ya, but we are fighting and die with you to protect all our freedoms, started by 9-11, and proud of it.

  • American

    Iraq and Afghanistan did not attack on 9/11. These are illegal wars. Illegal wars in which as an American I do not support. We've killed more that we lost on 9/11 and it's not enough…right?

    • nitro

      so if you had it your way saddam would still be in power slaughtering his own by the thousands, and we wouldnt have held an aggressive campaign against terrorism….you are one pathetic human being, maybe you should take a look at some of the things saddam did to his own people, the pictures of the women and children he used chemical and biological weapons against and say it is ok and wrong the the us took him out of power, and as far as afghanistan, well osama hated the Americans mainly for their involvement in the first gulf war, which was a campaign led by the arab league where they turned to the UN who in turn came to us and the british, do the world a favor and kill yourself since your mother didn't do the world any justice by not having an abortion.

      • andy

        hey youre out there busting your ass, putting your life on the line, taking orders, putting up with all sorts of shit and you still do it on the pretenses that its to protect a people, who in majority, do NOT approve of what youre doing? Youre telling the man to kill himself, when you're doing that very same thing… when youre out there, pointing a gun at the lowest class of inhabitants of a third world country ask yourself what conflict your commanding officer had to endure, Kosovo? While there are people being killed en mass in your own country, ask yourself why there arent soldiers wiping out gang controlled cities like watts and compton, or why darfur was allowed to happen or Rwanda or the armenian genocide… when tax dollars dont pay for your safety, or for finding the cure for cancer, that money is going somewhere, face it if the US is still over there no more money for schools, people being put out of their homes but we still have war contracts in the millions, how much al Qaeda should be left after 23 its been allowed to function?

        • nitro

          the us in other countries helping people who cant help themselves, the gang controlled cities is just people not doing something about it them selves, there would be no gangs if they just cut the shit out and stopped acting childish and have better home training, its pretty simple if no one joins the gangs they go away, but most involved in gangs are too lazy to actually do something meaningful with their lives and live irresponsibly and have children while they're children and only compound their problems and expect things to work out fine with no real effort on their part, and if the US had gotten more involed in places like rawanda, darfur, or armenia then the response would be the same with a majority not approving. and our failing economy cant be blamed on the wars, it stems from people voting the wrong way and letting people in office who are more worried about their political alignment instead of the good of the people, and the millions of people who leach of the government then complain they dont have enough

          • BIll57

            nitro, I agree with you. andy and the merican guy have their heads in the sand and need to get educated to whats really happening in washington. they would give up their rights and freedoms to be "taken care of" by the governemnt

  • craig

    number 3 was the USS Kearsarge for fleet week 08 i was one of the crew lucky enough to be there! great ship and a great city!

  • Anon

    #39 …. 3,652 days. Not to nit-picky. (Leap Years)

  • Dude

    So the US kills their own people, blame other countries and make a ceremony out of it?

    • BIll57

      dude get an education and don't believe what you read in socialist newspapersor blogs

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