Right in the nuts!!! (12 GIFs)

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  • http://gravatar.com/lagentile LG_

    #3 set-up manuals are there for a reason (preferably read standing up, off the darn thing!)…
    But I feel absolutely horrible for #10. Such an epic jump, but an unfortunately even more epic fall. Poor guy. 😦

    • disturbed

      What is it about pools that bring out the stupid in people?

      • dutch

        the alcohol they drink when around them.

    • Bill57

      that's what they make cups for aka crotch protectors

    • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

      Meow, you're not going to compete with me for FIRST place meow, are you?
      Careful meow dear LG ( ❤ ), you know how our last catfight ended…

      – triple orgasm FTW!
      – Meow!

    • http://thechive.com/ Turduckenn

      It's a commercial from a while back. I forget what for.

  • Intensemasterdebater

    Nut shots……always funny when it happens to other people

  • http://thechive.com/ bkfrijoles

    #8 that bird is an evil bastard

    • Bill57

      evil birds are evil

  • sully23

    #12 is freaking great. the guy catches air.

    • anyone

      Fuck the Raiders!

  • Saga

    aaawwww!!!! that hurts

  • Shawn

    #12…thats just mean

    • barfobulator

      Yeah, he didn't even pretend that was an accident. Looks like he shoves him to the ground right after, too.

      • The_Dood

        Yeah, if you're going to get in a fight on the field, don't be a pussy and throw some punches, not this sissy little dick kick shit.

  • etc4779

    I would say about half of those are fake…..

    • Ian

      I think #11 definitely is. If he were truly going for chucks between the legs his other hand would have been behind him to catch said chuck, rather than right next to his groin, anticipating the impact.

    • Jim

      2 out of 13 is half?

    • TBM

      You must be a GIRL

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1538520953 Zach Davis

    #2 Sweet baby jesus. Ow.

  • crowebar360

    #2 love hoe the kicker was already starting the act. What a douche.

    • crowebar360


    • Dolfan0925

      Soccer is so fucking gay. You think basketball players are sissies. Soccer you're apparently taught if anything other than a soccer ball touches you immediately fall and start crying.

      • THIS IS MADNESS!!!

        Bitch List 1 being the worst
        # 1 Soccer
        # 2 Basketball
        # 3 Football (now that the NFL has gotten a hard-on for fines, it will change the game.)
        # 4 Baseball
        # 5 Individual sports (Tennis, swimming, etc.)

      • European!

        Soccer is such a queer name, call it Football Douchebag

        • Dolfan0925

          Sorry. You're right. "Douchebag Football" definitely sounds more appropriate.

    • George

      I noticed that too. How much of a diver are you when you flop to the ground BEFORE the guy whose balls you just punted into his lungs?

  • dagleja3

    Where's Beavis kicking buzzcut in the Jimmy??

    Kick me in the Jimmy!!

    Yesss … Do it again!!

  • Demon_Cleaner

    #9 You sir, are an asshole.

    • Master_Rahl

      no matter how many times I see it… I still flinch at the impact. Can you say ruptured testicle?

  • Kodos

    a lot of them didn't need to breed, anyway..

  • kate_the_gate

    Chive – GIFs are plural and don't need an apostrophe. Just saying!

    • Anonymous

      Actually, since "GIF" is an acronym and not an actual word, it is perfectly correct to use an apostrophe for its plural. Just saying!

  • http://man-lair.com Stafferty

    #3 How d you set a treadmill in reverse? I can think of some funny and evil ideas

  • The Special Chiver

    I like getting hit there. My dog licks after

    • ptfo

      Yes, you truly are "special"…..

  • Coldzilla



    Mother Natures magnets

  • Nerfherder

    #9 is AWESOME. You could tell he got beaned. Well played sir……well played.


      no, not cool. worst roommate ever

  • boom

    #13 thats how i feel after the sexy chivettes

  • Verbal_Kint

    #8 looked more like a thigh shot what a nut shot…
    #5 is just fuckin' messed up…


    #9 I've seen this one before, and it pisses me off more and more. Not fucking cool. At all.

  • NebraskaGuy

    This entire post hurt to watch!

    Especially #9 – Invite Scumbag Steve to your hotel party, get nutshot from Champagne bottle!


      HA! it was pry the fella who got shot in the sack's champagne too. Fucking scumbag steve.

  • Lowrent75

    That is just not cricket…

  • monkey


    welcome to Idiocracy


    Jump on your heels, fellas. Jump on your heels.

  • Bryan

    great post Chive. I LOL'd. #3 #6

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