• kevin

    #12 u mad bro? what a dousche…

    • Logan

      if you're gonna insult the best player to pick up a bat in the last 30 years at least use spell check

      • Panama99

        Ok…..good player, but still a douche.

        I did use spell check and even your reference above. Of course the gentlemen in the over priced seats (ground-level) probably could use a couple of different words to describe this very fine speciman of a besaball player.

        It would have been worse if he did it to a kid….

        • Fog

          use spellcheck? mhmm

          • SpellCheck


        • B.B.

          Brewer fan?? i love how you call him a douche yet he started like 5 charities for kids. And if you a brewer fan. Nyjer Morgan has done nothing and always fakes throws balls into stands and actually curse's to fans. So if you want to call a guy a douche please fine the right guy.

      • Anon

        best player? I think not.

        • terry

          Who is better? And please dont argue stats. Because over the past 11 years he has the best collectively.

          • Greg

            isnt it kind of all about stats? haha

      • MacNCheesePro

        What he did was being a douche. I would've thought he was an asshole for doing that too. Just because he's rich and can play baseball doesn't make his action any less douche-baggish unless there's some back story we don't know about. Would be better if he did that to the woman that took the homerun ball from that kid.

    • Josh S.

      grammar fags are fags

      • SpellCheck

        So are assholes who come along thumbing down all the comments just because it's available!

  • Logan

    Ninja cat's first day in ninja school was a complete failure! #9

  • NebraskaGuy

    I wanna dive like #3 into #5 and #16

    • Zeal

      You will never get your chance. 😀

      • NebraskaGuy

        … I know, ain't that a bitch?

    • cheeseftw69

      and you probably could with these 2

  • Shargon

    #16 is from "euro trip"

  • tdogg

    #16 is from Eurotrip. I am embarrassed to know that fact.

    • MonkeyMadness

      Yes, it has been mentioned several times already that this is from Eurotrip.
      Try reading some posts next time.

  • dagleja3

    #6 – That's a future Chiver there!

  • tomasher

    Jerk move on #12 but it's rare that they'd throw a foul ball like that in the stands, especially in their rival team's stadium, with this only being the second out, even with no baserunners.

  • bkfrijoles

    #5 For the love of all things that are holy find dat ass

    • Guest

      Vida Guerra:

  • patov40

    He's on the road playing a heated rival. And it's an older guy, not a kid or something. This is HILARIOUS!!xD

  • mike

    #16 is Molly Schade

  • XOS2

    i was sitting here cheering him on…then he let me down in the end… #13

  • phonzo


    Co co Co Co Co Combo breaker…

  • Jakka

    #15 Haters gon’ hate

  • Eric Leigh McCormick
  • Hoover

    I think #5 is Vida Guerra and the clip is from the beginning of a music video. But I can't remember what music video. Does anyone know?

    • jkmcdermott

      Its not a video – its Gabrielle Anwar from the TV show Burn Notice.

      • Hoover

        You're right… it's not a video, but it is Vida Guerra. It's from her movie "Vida Guerra: Exposed".

    • Guest
      • Hoover


  • echogeo

    "Luuuuucy, you have some 'splaining to do!"

  • Eddie Olazaran

    #11 Had a friend do that when I used to train pole vault. Scariest thing to watch. Loud as hell too.

    • eli

      In Soviet Russia, pole vaults you!

  • Snowballz89

    #16 I think your top is getting in the way.

  • hotdog

    #9 eddy gordo wins

  • Adam

    Perfect pair on Molly #16

    Cooper: [jumps into the hot tub with Candy in it] Oh, crap! This isn't where I parked my car!
    Candy: Cooper Harris, you're a pig!
    [starts getting out]
    Cooper: Wait, Candy. Before you go, you might want to clean that off.
    Candy: Clean what off?
    Cooper: It's like dirt or something. Go like this.
    [shows her how to rub her breast]
    Cooper: No, just cut it under. To the side, and under.
    Candy: Is it off?
    Cooper: No. I think your top is getting in the way.
    Candy: Really?
    Cooper: Trust me.
    [Candy takes off her top]
    Cooper: That's better. But keep rubbing it!
    [she rubs]
    Cooper: No, it's just not coming off.
    Candy: [looks at her chest] Well, what is it?
    Cooper: Oh, I'll do it. Come here.
    [Cooper starts reaching for Candy's breasts]
    Missy: [walks in with three jocks] Oh my God, Candy!
    Candy: [covers herself] Cooper!
    Cooper: [looks at the jocks] Hey. This isn't where I parked my car.

  • Dan

    #16 is from eurotrip

  • Anonymous

    #16 Who is this angel on earth???

  • Awesome

    #16 check out the entire scene here:

  • Moatasim Naveed

    #12 that's mean.! yet sooo funny

  • Terry

    #16 is from Eurotrip… Scotty Doesn't Know

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