There are Sexy Chivers Among Us (85 Photos)

  • Erik

    Happy Friday indeed!!!!!!!

    • Bill57

      too many women too lil time

    • Hamlet

      It doesn't matter how many pictures there are, I can never get enough Chivettes!

    • lonin

      It's hard to Keep Calm when the Chivettes are posted.

    • dougie

      I'M IN LOVE #35 and #64…. nyo mah god!

    • ChivingGranny

      You girls are all WHORES and should be ASHAMED of yourselves!


      • brn1dwn

        is this for real? these women are sexy and beautiful and confident! Confidence like this is an amazing thing!!! Don't take that and turn it into something negative!!! :@

      • patov40

        Not sure if this is silly troll, or someone mocking silly trolls. I'm going to take a positive take and go with someone mocking silly trolls. Well done granny! B)

    • alicewhite

      You may change your life completely. People want to have another new found, a new kind of dating feeling. It is a great place for singles to get to know each other, and talk about religion, work, sports, life, relationship, or more. I can assure you that your will be happy here.

  • Bobby

    Stop the facebook layover. Please! It is annoying.

    • jason

      if you're looking at the Facebook layover, I've got some bad news…

      • SweetAwesomeness

        better idea…….what about a 2012 chivette Calendar?!?!? Chivers from across the land can vote for Chivettes to represent each month. I can see you raising a ton of money, and i can see theChive donating it to a worthy charity and/or person…..

        or at least use the money to stop any possibilities of a Bucky Larson part 2 ever being made!!!!

    • Beano

      Agreed Bobby. I was gonna say it on the DAR but this is just as popular. I'm already a fan on facebook….. jeeezus.

    • wastedspace

      so true..lets just call it myspace..

    • foreverashley

      Stop complaining.

  • boris


    • dougie

      I'M IN LOVE #35 and #64…. nyo mah god!

  • Timmy


    A few thumbs for that stomach and those hips —>

    • Franklin

      I'll thumbs that up.

    • Richie rich

      Two thumbs over and over

    • ChivingGranny


    • laxcat36

      I'd give her something else almost as big as my thumb

    • patov40

      Request approved, thumbs up from me! B)

    • bieber

      stomach, yes. hips….where?

    • PeteJ_Norn_Iron

      thumbs up indeed!

  • Sharky

    #6 Love to see you again next time

    • Marc

      This is goddamn godess !

    • north

      canada represent!

    • ChivingGranny

      Super hot – but SHAME

  • zman

    #8 know where I am going this winter on vacation!!!!

    • Orch


    • Ecuadorman

      Nathalie Cevallos. theres a little of her on Google, but def. not enough. We want moar!!!

      • Ecuadorman

        oh, also. your welcome

  • EDd

    #54 you did

    • L. Phelps


    • R2G Fan

      Bless you, ma'am.

  • assface

    Nice job on the grooming 🙂 #84

    • Meh.......

      Bald Beaver, nothing better!

    • 'Lil Jon


    • aaron rodgers

      thats a fucking body right there!

    • LanceFabulous

      I was sitting down, and I still nearly fell over. Oh mercy.

  • S13nobling

    #9 and #54 – Wow!!

    • Wolfpack

      I simply love #9 ! Let's see the rest of the outfit!

  • zman

    #93 held my attention for a long time, hoping the bubbles would burst

    • @theterryburke

      she wins!

    • ibangahapa

      Bubble Bikini! ….!!! I'm just speechless!!!

    • Headfade

      Bubbling done the correct way!

    • Karl


      • tim

        Wash my mouth out with soap please.

    • briizzledizzle

      has to be one of the best sexy chivette pics thechive has seen!

    • Undershooter30

      Ms. Chivette, why you no make gif?

    • Tofu_Ninja

      Hope this the first photo from a set!
      Amazing SC pic!

  • Kenai

    #93 OMFG

    • lee


  • Tommy


    You could be famous for that…

    • Tommy

      Then again it kinda reminds me of the Janet Jackson album cover…

    • ChiveATL

      #25 wins at life

      • Tod

        She has fuckin man hands gross!

        • Jay

          Thank you. I was going to post that. Man hands, man abs. Surprised there isn't a bulge in the jeans.

          • Alan

            Thank goodness!! I thought I was the only one who saw that! Major man hands, man forearms, man abs…

            • ezv

              i dont give a damn

              • hott

                she's a rock climber, and a babe! Not a man…

                • flbp

                  guys, let's give her some credit, that's a lot to hold up! 😉

                  • Zac Judkins

                    I was trying to figure out why I was turned on and weirded out at the same time!!!

                    • whosmike

                      I would marry that in a heartbeat

                    • jpp407

                      bit hard to look at the hands when you get lost in that cleavage

                    • superjap

                      Chive, thats definitely a dude!! look at the hands!!

                    • Sport Royal


      • jjj

        very nice!

      • @Tim10ch

        That dude has great tits, but a tiny ding ding.

      • patov40

        Some guys are just scared of fit girls. Hit the gym more than once a week and do something besides arm curls guys. Then she won't be so intimidating. Keep up the good work hon! B)

      • tommyknockers

        Them hands could make a hell of a sandwich.

    • Jerry

      Man hands!

    • R2G Fan

      That is quite a handful. I'd love to lend a hand or two. #25

      • Killinem

        She has all the hand she is going to need. THEY ARE HUGE…………I wanna see a face pic cause i think that is a shopped dude that put huge tits on himelf and shrunk the picture to look like a chick

    • Smitty


  • jason


    Oh Lawd…

  • JGBallard

    #8 #73 winners in my book.

    • hMMMM

      are you kidding me #73? What is that, the retarded duck's face?

      • its_forge

        That's the face you make when you end up on the floor with your underpants half off, your knees facing one way and your head facing the other.

  • S13nobling

    #6 – Hope it's not your last….

    • Jhish486

      Absolutely amazing… a face to go with this amazing body would be appreciated.

  • Sharky

    #57 Can't wait for the inevitable Texas response

    • RockyTop

      Ill take the sooner. Jesus thats nice.

    • Todd

      or OSU

    • digsred

      Yeah like, well we're still good at baseball…

    • Okstatefan

      OSU Cowgirls feel free to submit………(begging)

      • Todd

        The OU girl apparently didn't see the Playboy pic of an OSU girl on the Chive..she already has one upped her lol

        • Jay

          She's just going to have to up the ante then. And we all win.

        • Dubs

          Where was this OSU girl!?

          • Todd

            look like a few weeks back for the Aug Playboy issue of the Chive She is the one on the bench.

    • Manmar_McHutch

      Boomer Sooner!!!!!!

    • TuckFexas


      • newt

        oh how i love OU and Norman even more

  • MikeK

    #25 #84 #93

    Wow… Just wow.

    • CaptainStag

      #25 has an oddly large amount of breast below the nipple.. and I really don't enjoy the toned look on girls :-/

      • JAS

        she's pulling them up and smooshing them, making it looks like there's more under them… otherwise we've found her who's breasts defy gravity.

  • Shawn

    #32….you are absolutely gorgeous, just stunning in my opinion

    • Remy

      Hand-bra for the WIN!

    • Mart37

      I definitely second your opinion

    • Maynard B.

      Yes, absolutely exquisite. Please send in more pics.

    • the frenchman

      Agree. You win, if you are a real chivette please send more.

    • Connor

      Call me crazy, but anyone else see a bit of Isla Fisher in her face?

  • The Guy

    Find her….. A cheeseburger! #25

    • alan

      ya, she just looks emaciated.


        it appears she has two melons though… food may not be the answer

    • its_forge

      She eats plenty. You do as many crunches and situps as it takes to get abs like those, you're eating pretty much constantly.

      • Cassidy

        I'm fine with her abs, if someone would just explain the manhands situation she has going on…

  • Rahm Emanuel

    #44 #47 #48 #76 num…num…num…num

    • Sly

      #76 Somebody spanked that ass before taking the picture…

    • its_forge

      Ass man fist bump

      • @HarlemsFinest7

        *bumps back* OH YEAH!!!!

    • patov40

      44 was the winner in my book, although maybe it's because I'm hungry.

    • @ABQLifer

      So hot. Want to touch the hiney….Arroooo!

    • Poontangler

      #44 – I'd like to vigorously hunch you right into the leftovers.

      • Nathan_Wind

        Best comment yet. Well played, sir.

  • Alan

    I am sure I am not the first, and I know I won't be the last to tell you this. You are stunning! #32

  • igor

    Thank you Chivettes

  • Shawn

    #53….still more please

    • .5 man .5 amazing

      so much more!!!!

    • iowagirl

      i keep submitting we'll see if i make the cut again!

      • Nathan_Wind

        Three cheers for Iowa!

      • Shawn

        well iowagirl, i have a feeling that with pictures like this and a gorgeous body like yours, we will be seeing you again i am sure

    • Richie Rich

      Many many many many more!!!!! Straight perfection!!!!

  • Bill57

    #6 awesome moar!

  • millipede

    #76 That ass should be bronzed.

    • SweetAwesomeness

      for some reason you added a "r & z" to "boned"

      • Daith_Lee

        Well Played……

      • Billy

        This is why I read the comments.

      • patov40

        HA!!!!!! xD

    • Paula_

      Glaced! You know…. glaced!

      – the one you love to hate

    • zimmy

      would look really good with a hand print on it

    • mrsr

      That's my ass. You made my day.

      • ChiverMeTimbers

        Nice ass…Get it Bronzed and put it on Ebay

      • Pat

        If that is your ass, I would have to say "You made our day"! and Thanks!!!!!

      • Nathan_Wind

        And what an ass it is. Well done, ma'am. Well done.

      • its_forge

        It is a divine ass. It belongs in a museum. Totally.

      • MAX_POW

        If is really you, what are you waiting for?…we need to put a face a on dat ass………….urgent!!

      • thrillho

        That thing is just…..niiiiiiiiice

        • Undershooter30

          "Hope I'm not disturbing you, but, uh, I saw you from across the party, and, uh, I don't usually do this, but I felt compelled to tell you something. You have an absolutely breathtaking heinie. I mean, that thing is good. I want to be friends with it."

          • patov40

            Thumb up? Why yes. Great reference dude! B)

      • Ricky

        What part of PA are you from? Also we would like to see MOAR please!!!!!

        • mychickbad

          NEPA. =) MOAR coming.

          • HiRolla

            Incredible! I'll be following you now…..forever…..don't be creeped out……I just…….love you…..


            Basement dwelling chiver

    • R2G Fan

      Like a gift from above. That is a terrific behind. Happy birthday.

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