Best Moments in Fox NFL Sunday History

  • Neil Armstrong

    those clowns shouldn't have been allowed to wear a flight suit uniform, they didn't earn shit #12

    • McBeastie

      So. You didn't land on the moon either yet you use Armstrong's name.

      • Slacking@Wurk


  • 12thMan

    What the hell was this? Is this a joke?

  • Mason

    And once again we are shown why fox sports suck!

  • McBeastie

    #6 – Is it too hard to look up Aries Spears and give him credit for the Shaq impression that was 10 times funnier than Caliendo's impression? Not saying it was that funny either, hemorrhoids are 10 times funnier than Caliendo, but give credit where credit is due or don't put captions on the pics. Lazy bastards.

  • Juan

    Can we just make it a rule for life that "Frank Caliendo" and "Funny" can NEVER be used in the same sentence again? #4 #6 #10

  • CDN

    WTF Leo?! What's up with all of the spelling errors and incorrect captions? Still getting over a weekend of drinking your face off?



  • jkmcdermott

    Wow!! This realllly sucked. Just an all around terrible post. Who are you shilling for on this one? Oh, and by the way, #13 terry Bradshaw is a world class D-bag deluxe. Saw him in the airport and he is a huuuge egomaniac and very nasty to the help. Not impressed, Chive. Not Chive worthy.

  • dude

    "2 played an emotional tribute to the people that gave their lives in the terror attacks of 9/11"
    Loled there irl. Kinda sounds like the tribute was for the terriorists and not the victims.
    Shoulde be "lost" not "gave" makes a huge diffrence 🙂

  • Kent

    Dear Chive,
    Please do not turn into Break.

    Thank you

  • rachel

    what the hell? worst quality/most blatantly sellout chive post ever. this site used to keep it real.

  • billy bean

    This site never kept it real, they usually just steal content off of sites like reddit and claim it as their own. When they do their own shit it turns out like this.

  • Frank Mitchell

    Haters gonna hate @billy bean

  • careatr

    I didn't find the metrodome caving in all that funny… I had drove over 500 miles one way to go to that game… Started storming the friday night before game and blizzard for 24 hours… roughly 30" of snow… Luckily I had drove my lifted superduty, and never even got close to getting stuck, but I did pull a bunch of people out… Was staying at a hotel about 5 blocks from the dome when it collapsed… Not a fun trip having to go home without getting to go to the game…

  • Mike

    You can't even spell Seinfeld right, come on mann

  • LegalProstitution

    So how much did Fox pay the Chive to post this? And are they demanding their money back when they saw how shitty it came out?

  • Angilina Rani

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  • Jay

    NFL? whats that…..

  • Mark

    You should have mentioned that leading "some troops" in God Bless America was in Bagram Air Base in Kabul Afghanistan. Someplace no other network has done a show from.

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