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  • andy

    #3 did they attach a spine by any chance? you pansy… get a dog

  • crazydog

    #23 it's col. angus!!!!!!!

  • ConstableDubs

    #24 Gumby anyone?

  • Vinny

    #2 Is that a condiment or a weapon?

    • karloz

      #2 you could really use that as pepper spray

  • Polonuts

    #3 Kitten is waiting for you to take one too many pain killers so it can eat your face while you sleep. =P

    Best wishes on your recovery!

  • mgs

    It's like seeing a Frank Miller comic

  • Angilina Rani

    Justin Bieber Wants To Be a Young Father

    & like us on facebook if u want more current newa

  • Sugreev2001

    Where the hell is Harvey Birdman !!?

  • Miles Greenberg

    #10 was taken at the shake shack on 86th and lex, in manhattan. I go there all the time

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