It’s Monday, you could use some motivation (31 Photos)

For more, check out the great Very Demotivational.

  • Chris Barks

    #1, Love it!

    • Paul_

      I agree!
      Oh ya, fuck Paula_!

      Bitch slap,
      – the one who hates Paula_

  • Travis

    #31 whoa

    • Mad Jim Jaspers

      yeah yeah yeah. now let's get 100 nearly identical posts of the same exact picture making roughly the same comment over and over and over and over and over again, per usual for this site's shitty comment section.

      • Underbaker

        And talking about comments that do belong in the toilet….

        • Brother Maynard

          Don't hate because he tells the truth.

          • snowbird


          • Logan

            trolls travel in packs

          • Logan

            i hope one of them packs my fudge with their big meaty cocks. my fellow Chivers only have retarded little baby dicks.

            • @The_Scofield_

              You misspelled your name mate, it's spelled D-O-U-C-H-E-B-A-G. You're welcome.

              • Logan

                alright, i'll settle. whip out your baby retard cock, and pound my button-tight asshole, sailor!

                • chucki1989

                  Danielle Crocker from Smyrna TN, She is a Bar Tender at a bar called "Willies Wet Spot"

      • Dolfan0925

        Unlike all of the other intellectual comment sections on the internet….

      • greasdupdeafguy

        I'm sorry that this website's comment section doesn't meet the intellectual standards that you are used to . If you are unpleased with the comment section, please go to one that matches your intelligence, like Yahoo's comment section

        • Brother M.

          lol at all the fan-boys with sand in their vaginas.

          • greasdupdeafguy

            lol at all the trolls who think I give a good God damn about what they have to say

        • Ed Wood

          yahoo's isn't nearly this retarded. the Chive's is like a PG version of 4chan's.

          • LiT

            why are you commenting here then? nothing more fun going on then doing something you dont like?

      • Timothy Wilkes

        Then why fucking read them, asshat? You know you could stop scrolling after the pictures end. It is an option. I know it's hard, but someone as annoyed at is as you can surely figure out a way. . .

        • greasdupdeafguy

          honestly? I just wanted to make a joke involving Yahoo. And I'm also a huge fan of irony by saying i don't care about trolls on a comment that I, admittedly, trolled.

          But enough about me, how about you?

      • Lotus

        So much hate for such a truthful comment

        • Dude

          I'm slightly dumber for having read all of that.

    • Catalystika

      18 replies and not a single one identifies the girl in the photo? FAIL. Let's see what the next post for #31 says.

  • Chivalrous

    Ok, I'll say it: Who is #31 ?

    • Barrowsboy

      She was a chivette a while back. Search "chive superbra" it should come up lol.

    • jharvey0227

      thats def not keisha evans

    • Collin

      jessica jane clement – you're welcome.

      • mojo789

        Thank you for that, but this is not her.

    • omgicanfapnow

      chloe vevrier.

      rare picture

      no nee to thank me

    • Goo

      Laquisha Smith, you're welcome!

    • Ashleigh

      looks like "next door nikki"

    • Justin

      This isnt anyone famous, its a chivette from months ago (Although her body DOES resemble Chloe Vevrier)..for our sake, we pray she will get back on here and let us know who she is..and her fb page… 🙂

      • Wut

        Maybe she got in trouble and had to lay low for a while. Which would totally suck.

  • Codey

    #27 Go Chuck

  • rainwulf

    #31 yes!

    • Chris

      Keisha Evans

      • Stevo

        wasn't funny the first time Chris.

      • theRealRealist

        You Bastard

      • JDB

        You suck

      • JDB

        No, no it wasn't

      • MacNCheesePro

        I'd still hit it. Just wouldn't tell anyone.

  • Brian

    #8 Why the fuck is that asshole in a book store?

    • Laura Pike

      because he either got lost on the way to the DVD section or is looking for the clip notes version of "Too kill a mockingbird" even assholes have to do homework.

      • joe

        clip notes. . . .fml

        • Joeyk

          I thought they were Cliffs Notes..tell me I could at least read that much…

      • The New Yorker

        it's "cliffs notes", you daft broad.

      • Laura Bass

        It's "To" not "Too"

        Please be correct when correcting others.

        • SenorWilson

          But then the correcting would stop right there. If we make mistakes to, every one can correct each other!

    • pufffdragon

      To steal shit or to finish up reading twilight. Either way.

      • The Chivery

        "to finish up reading twilight."

        Well then he's obviously a Chiver….

        Chive on!

        • TRON


    • Sam


  • Lefty0508

    #31, very true..

    • MyTGD


  • The El' Conquistador

    Really? Do you have to do EVERYTHING that Izismile does? They rip off Demotivational so you do?

    Gettin old.



    • nywolf

      you must be new here… chive does what they feel like doing. And anyway they have been showing demotivationals for over 2 years now…

    • Loves The Chive

      Dude… you are no where near first… and if you would look The Chive credits where they get it from… The Chive even says they get some of their posts from other sites and others from users… So sit back, shut the fuck up, and enjoy the great posts they put up whether they get it from another site or not…

    • Timothy Wilkes

      Doesn't matter where they get it, it only matters where I see it, and that's on The Chive.

    • Average Chiver

      *generic fanboy comment exclaiming how nothing on the internet is original(which is false), if you don't like it why are you here?(which wasn't clever the first thousand times), and "IT'S FREE OMG!! 1G1G1G1!!!!!!".*

      • Lord_Astral

        "if you don't like it why are you here" isn't mean to be clever, merely a more polite way of saying "get the fuck out of here, you ass-sucking retard".

  • bootycall69

    #23 I don't think she's wearing a bra, gigiddy!

    • woahthere

      she also looks about 12…. gagity

    • qwerty

      And i don't think she's above 18.

  • nywolf

    #31 is a sexy chiver from january 21st or so. But a name has yet to be found (except what trolls posted…)

    • AssClown

      I see you use TinEye as much as I do…always end up on some Russian site, not complaining though.:p

  • Quentin




    ROTFLMAO! #31

    So what is it?

    • hoifalksjl,mnowine?

      A woman

      • Dionicio Gonzalez Orozco

        Happy thoughts

  • fibonacci5150

    #22, next riot I want someone to brostep in tear gas

    • rtrin

      not bro step, fuckin shuffle lmao

  • Holy Hell

    I do, I believe it now.

    • No-name

      I don't. But to each his own.

      • Matty

        You're ignorant – You might as well say "I don't believe in gravity. But to each is own." or "I don't believe in heliocentricity, but to each his own."

        • sniggi

          u mad?

      • Pete

        I don't believe in a fantastical sky God who in the course of two books turns from vengeful to all-loving for no apparent reason, nearly wipes out his own creations due to their perceived wickedness, including all men, women and children save for two, and appears to be largely tolerant of slavery.

        But each to their own.

  • Shaine McDaniel

    the world needs a new riot, next time be in england when im home

  • qwerty


    • Joeyk

      Stay classy

      • qwerty


        • Lucas

          Then you sir, and I use the term loosely, are no Chiver.

          • The Chivery

            No, he's a Chiver alright. Us Chivers are about as classy as ketchup on oodles of noodles.

            Chive on!

            • Mutt

              You gourmet you

            • Dionicio Gonzalez Orozco

              Nom you like grimmace did the boy

        • Dionicio Gonzalez Orozco

          Chiver – I'm a chiver, classy and born from the depths of awesome

    • shoop de doop

      how's that line working for you?

      • qwerty

        it worked fine on your mother

        • Zadkiel


  • bisketz

    #26 The Merc owned google that day.

  • lds

    #12 Trues.

  • Rose3191

    It's hard to find a screenshot of the Freddy Mercury Google logo that DOESN'T automatically invalidate any argument.

    • Brian Danger Tracy

      hahaha nice one

  • Chicago_Animal

    31: Jugs that big will NOT look good out of the bra. They will probably look veiny, have messed up nips from implants, implant scars or have stretch marks on them.

    1: best pic here!

  • JAMon

    #24 charlie sheen: future world champion

  • KenRayJen

    #1: Thanks Awesome dog, i needed That

    • jpp407

      Awesome dog is awesome.

    • DRC36

      word up man that dog is the shit

  • Chicago_Animal

    31 is gonna have nasty looking jugs without the bra!

  • jack

    this post wasnt that motivating

    • Average Chiver

      face our collective fanboy rage by thumbing you down for daring to have an opinion!

  • guy

    #12 feeling of extreme shame after and probably alittle gay and #31 WOW!

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