Rare photos on the set of ‘Return of the Jedi’: Before CGI they actually built sets (27 Photos)

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  • Rocks Off

    You see kids, this is why the original trilogy looks so real…because it was. And, you see, this is why the second trilogy looks like shit, because it's fake.

    • sureman123

      right on.. Ive seen the original trilogy about a 1000 times… don't have that much interest in the new garbage, acting was dry and way,, way to much CGI

  • asgao

    stop stealing from reddit. or at least put the original link in to the photos so your viewers can read the backstory.

    • OddJobb

      Reddit steals it from someone else and doesn’t put a source for many of their posts.

  • Bob

    #17 awesome character

    Great to see Star Wars before Lucas sold his soul and sold out

  • Lucashater

    I’m suprised Darth Lucas hasn’t found a way to doctor these photos, thus changing them forever. Boycott the new Blu-Ray’s!!

  • Josh

    #27 – That’s not Fett, that’s Lando.

  • TehJones

    #14 -#18 looks like boba fett had to much to drink, then decided it’d be rad to try his jetpack and shoot into the air.

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  • DRC36

    just saw this shit, great post

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  • dagny71

    so all sources cite Jeremy Bulloch as the actor who played Boba Fett. But Jeremy Bulloch is a white guy, and the guy in the pic is a black guy. So…. secret black actor that they never named or stunt man or what?

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