Hot Right Now: Colleen proves why everything is bigger in Texas (26 Photos)

Captions are like a side of ranch… (32 photos)

  • jeff

    #26 looks like the futurama episode where bender turns human

  • Capt. Hignasty

    #1 pinky out bitches

  • joy

    #10 mom, can I borrow 200 phones, my money bill is high.

  • Walter

    #24…….Cross that line again and youre entering a world of pain!

  • Andre

    #8 O bummer

  • NaughtyNinja74

    #11 Nope Chuck Testa

  • Zuke

    Yes #31, I am fully aware. I do appreciate the reminder though, thank you.

  • lfgd1978

    #15 Hitman monkey when a job goes wrong he pay the price and now his getting revenge on the people who murder his wife and daughter, this time is personal……… (on theatres this summer rated PG-13)

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