I hate my job (27 Photos)

  • joanna

    It’s ‘damn’. Jackass.

  • Cassidy

    #18, thinning of the herd. #21, marry me, you evil genius… #22 who takes that long of a lunch?!?! And can you really not chive during lunch? If I fit it in my 20 mins, you should be able to, dick. Therefor, your argument is invalid.

  • G!A

    hahah photo number 1! i work at a target and can't count how many times i've gotten reamed for for how real looking the fake pretzels are…. or for them thinking i'm lying to mess with them by saying we have none.

  • andrew

    #16 …. not as bad as one filled with dead frogs

  • A BiPolar Guy

    #12 I love the way they labeled the languages. In case the reader is not sure which one they can understand?

  • paula

    #8 im guessin its all lies… could call myself monkey paula i never wanted twit just myspace didnt work either…….never win/no repl/plenty of sarcastic humour/ sat here feeling like a puppet on strings, just gutted my poor twitt name is holding me back:( #9 ermm no

  • Wes

    #26…Is that Cubase? Music production as a career isn't a profitable one for alot of people homey. =(

  • Dude

    #15: Move to Australia, where you actually get paid minimum wage ($15/hour) for waiting on tables, instead of working like a slave so some fat redneck can not tip you after ordering $100 worth of grits.

  • Bubba

    #20 Yeah, customers are an annoying destraction from work…BOZO!

  • Gooberman

    #22…working lunch…chiving all the way through

  • http://www.facebook.com/FlibseyEmma Emma Oliver

    #17 flat eric?

  • Jeff

    What EXACTLY, is epic about spilled mocha?


  • https://www.facebook.com/wheatm Michael E. Wheat


    represent the city woooooooooooo

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