• Stranger?


    • Bill57


    • luhdat

      ginger power

    • SenorWilson


    • j-roy

      I think the better question is… why?

  • Juan

    Cue the "She can juggle my balls anytime" comments…

    • poople dinosawr

      She can juggle Juan's ball anytime

    • coulditbe

      but i don't have 5 balls…

  • boss

    she does it while listening to 2pac.. WIN

    those arent feet.. they are HANDS

  • Wags

    I'm in love…………

  • turbodude

    I want to hang out with this talented girl with the happy walk and cool loft !

  • billy9

    Mind blown!

  • Alister


    • DeuceBrew

      Selyna Bogino

      • Randy Gallegos

        here's another video of her doing this on a stage. this is also her youtube channel, so there is tons more of her.

  • Me Me Me Me Me

    Over Achiever…. Totally Awesome tho 😀

  • Carbon

    … really? I give up.

  • Pinche Manny

    I wonder how she came into thinking she had this hidden talent ???

  • Japanese Facts.

    The only balls i can juggle are my own……..forever alone V_V

  • prune

    wow my mind just shat on itself

  • Mack N Cheese

    that was awesome…next step is fire balls

    • DrROBOTO

      I thought the next step would be four dudes

  • richard b. hertz

    Audrey Hollander? She IS talented.

    • ithilmor

      F u!! I was at uni and I googled Audrey Hollander..

      • Fasteddy14

        Ha Ha… Audrey Hollander is also an accomplished ball juggler and sword swallower..

  • mooseknuckle907

    Soccer is so cool

  • Da Sandman

    talk about controll!! :O nice job, keep practicing and you'll be a big shot in the big leagues 😀

  • JOE


  • davey

    very cool!
    Chive on~

  • Da_Boz

    Great job sweetie… Wait… That's not the kitchen!

  • BlackMatterBeaver

    SHE'S got the biggest balls of them all.

  • Nick


    • jordan

      Her name is Selyna Bogino

  • SockMoney17


  • mortimer2206

    go away and die with jb, please
    that's not what chiver would care to know about

  • Gene

    Now she's got ball control, she can handle these ball any day!

  • The_Dood

    I'm trying to figure out how this skill could be translated into awesomeness in the bedroom… Can't think of a damn thing.

    • Randy Gallegos

      the chair and the flexibility might add up, but you cant get those basketballs in there anywhere

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