Black and white photos that make absolutely no sense (24 Photos)


  • WakeSurfer

    Aight kids, let this be a lesson to you….don't do drugs

  • Charli

    Where can I get copies of these. They kind of hive ne a panic attack, in a good way



  • Coldzilla

    I was thinkin "Trippy" til I got to #19

    Then I ran away

  • Allenavw

    A lot of these pictures look like he's floating away and constantly needs to be held to Earth.


    Re: No. 3 So basically if a nipple is viewed through a sopping wet tee shirt or vest it is a-okay but if they're bare on a strange arty photo you have to black it out? What kind of strange ass world do we live in where we think a girl knife combo is more likely to titillate someone than a photo shopped model poking her baby food ducts through some soggy cotton. I no longer get US censorship (not that I did before).

  • tarancara

    LOVE it. ART. We don't need to see another friggin sunset postcard photo in this world.

  • jaime

    oooooh…i get it 🙂

  • Dude

    I see Lithuania is trying to compete with Japan!

  • Bergin Bustillo

    a post about old white old nake guy? it sucks! :s

  • ur-right

    it does doesn't make sense!!

  • korrie


  • Auz_E

    #20 is actually how planking was done back in the old days.

  • Plagiator

    i know this one: My argument is invalid

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