Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • http://dbdesignco.com bisketz

    #16 Guy in the Suit. What an ASS!

  • bobby6k

    You only wish you were driving in Bolivia. In fact you have just added text to a photo found online.

  • noss

    #30 damn nature you scary…

  • jarhead

    #10 love her !!! + the pow flag !!!!

  • Wally

    #32 – "I've had it with this Motherf**k'n snakes on the Motherf**k'n road!!"

    • Wally

      Shoot – meant #37!

  • jarhead

    #33 love her !!!= + the pow flag !!!

  • techno_viking

    #42 Like a Glove!

  • techno_viking

    #48 #49 You didn't tell me you were married…

  • oughtnot

    #33 Simply amazing. Beats FLBP by a mile.

  • OhSomeEvil

    #32 & #24
    That is all.

    wait, i cant handle the fucking mass production of bs you guys are putting into the Angry Birds crap…
    stop being bad Chive…. your better than that.

  • eat balls, internet!

    #44 it's official: LG has the best ass in the world. i want to make love in that butt.

  • mongoose5271

    #18 Hipsters must DIE!!!!!!!

  • Phred

    Meh. Scar-Jo looked hotter in the black leather getup in Iron Man 2. The nudes are a little bit of a disappointment.

  • Bob

    #4…That shower curtain is misprinted.
    #27…What the hell is going on with the title of this book??

  • soaka

    #10 dat pic. yum yum yum. Motorboat, yesyes.

  • Cyclone

    #33 Great boobs. Now let's see the face!

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #32 Now that in your room is nothing but doing the right thing don't fuck it up man…I so will be there if you do hehe…well if she will have me LOL…

  • https://www.facebook.com/akarns Aaron Karns

    Just found out my roommate is one of the people who is selling them on ebay. Only for pure profit though.

  • Reverbz

    #48 Sorry to say bro, but you’ve got a skank for a wife!!!!

  • Lindsey

    #40 … "I feel sorry for people that don’t drink. Because when they wake up in the morning, that’s as good as they’ll feel all day." — Frank Sinatra

  • c4l


    please find her it may be natalie white

  • the otherguy

    FIND NUMBER 6 natalie white it may be…..

  • http://www.facebook.com/angilinar Angilina Rani

    some more incredible photos
    thank you

  • Postman

    #48 & #49….

    she also wanted you to know shes fucking around. I dont see a ring on her finger…


    #1: he just keeps going and going and going – to jail!!!!

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