• Jeff

    Words cannot describe people such as Dakota Meyer! Thank you, sir!

  • BIll57

    Thank you Dakota Meyer for your service and sacrifice God's speed

  • Tim

    True hero, words cannot describe such an act of selflessness. I wish I could here more of the story than that STUPID music playing in the background. Do you really feel that STUPID, IRRITATING sound is going to make this better? Idiots.

  • barry

    i just read the summary of what he did in the Wall Street Journal. he is like a living breathing Batman. no kidding. (the average Marine could kick Aquaman's tail; so that is saying something).
    However, the dark side is that he was denied support by both men in his group (artillery support) and help from a passing column of soldiers. that is nightmarish. i cannot believe US military in this day and age would abandon men in the field.
    He saved two dozen US and Afghans. He is a hero. The men who abandoned him? I cannot gather the words.

  • Liski13

    YES!!! you awesome dude

  • mith

    I found this too:

    This Marine is truly a stand up guy… Simper Fi, brother.

  • deleted876808

    like a boss

  • Bill Z Walton

    Hello, just wanted to tell you, I enjoyed this post. It was inspiring. Keep on posting!|

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