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Enter this week's Choose your Weapon (23 HQ Photos)

theBRIGADE wants to show off your weapon of choice?
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  • Dog-Face Soldier!!

    Rock of the Marne!!

    Willing and Able!!

  • Chris



  • BIll57

    #5 #7 #22 #23

  • Anonymous

    Cool someone else here was at the Pax airshow(Panchito). I sent my pics in but none were posted.

  • Chris


    M.O.P. (Massive Ordnance Penetrator) + B-2 = FTW!

  • Raph

    #1 holy crap i want one!

    • Rick

      user submit, "fellow soldiers from our deployment in Iraq (2009-2010) and from Fort Stewart where we're stationed" (leaving out name per request). I got it and said to myself, that will be the lead photo for a choose your weapon

  • Kaldar

    #16 CV90 With a 120mm gun, the Canadian military was looking at these, hope we get them.

  • Devin

    Thanks for using my pic as the lead photo Rick. For those who are curious. It's a M240B with PVS14 thermal scope and ghost laser system

  • HughDiego

    The huge gun~!I like it~!

  • Yoda

    You could never call #1 a concealed weapon. He's more like a concealed owner.

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