Fastest man on two wheels, Valentino Rossi (27 Pictures)

Disagree? Who’s your favorite?

  • huzrdaddy

    Casey Stoner might disagree.

  • Justin

    When Casey Stoner has 9 World titles he can start to talk….

    • huzrdaddy

      If they can't improve that Duc Rossi rides Casey will. BTW, I hate Stoner he's a tool. He is having a Sebastian Vettel type season though.

  • Shep

    Rossi is the best, only behind Bayliss…

  • Big_Hairy_Si

    They needed to find a pic of the time Rossi crossed the line to win standing on just one foot-peg. Or the time he dressed as Robin Hood on the podium after winning at Donington. Rossi is pure class – Stoner is good, but Rossi is great.

  • GO!!!!!!!

    You missed some of the old 500cc Nostro Azzurro Honda shots. Aww, those were the days.

  • Cudaman

    My fav is Eddie Lawson, but I am an old school guy. He could hop into any type of vehicle and win.

  • Anton

    Start pos:12
    Rossi rises to second pos
    then fall and ride down Stonner(who is 3th)
    Join again in racing on 13 pos
    rises 3th pos again
    GOD MAKE Moto GP xD

  • Richie

    Come on man!
    Fastest Man on two Wheels?
    How about Larry McBride/Spiderman, 240+ in the quarter mile.
    John McGuinness, Isle Of Mann Winner! Rossi said, "I would not race here"
    Fuck Rossi.

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