Italian cheerleaders really enhance the beach soccer experience (20 Photos)

These are the cheerleaders for the Beach Soccer World Cup in Ravenna, Italy.

  • EasternCanuck

    Holy mary mother of god… #9

    • NAACP

      Mary was just a whore who gave birth to a prostitute baby named Jesus.

      • Daith_Lee

        Wow…you just took douchery to a whooole new level…

      • R2G Fan

        So you have something in common with Jesus, then?

        • Daith_Lee

          Yep..we're both awesome…but lets be honest…this isn't the place for that convo. I just don't get unwarranted douchery. Lets just appreciate the posts and call it a day, holmes…or home-ETTE? I dunno…covering all bases here, hah.

          • R2G Fan

            While my post was under yours, it wasn't in response to yours. Sorry for the confusion, but I figured NAACP was a son of a whore, since he spoke with such conviction about it.

            • Daith_Lee

              Hah, no worries….And as for your theory, seems legit to me, lol.

      • Ha.Ha.

        NAACP is a 13 year-old white boy in South Dakota. Don't worry about him.

        • NAACP

          Wrong. I am not white and I live in California. My mom is a whore though and I have the penis of a 13 year old. 2 out of 4 ain't bad.

      • truth

        HAHA…Whoo, you are so funny! I could care less about your religious views. Titties!

        • NAACP

          If you could care less, that means you care at least some, so I'll keep sharing. Now if you couldn't care less, well, that would mean that you care the very least. Dumb ass…

          • truth

            So if I could care less, then it shows I do indeed care some. Well, I did post so I think that would be evident to most. However, whether you think I am a dumb ass based upon your dimwitted assumption of "could or couldn't"…well I couldn't care less. Btw, it was me that stomped your kitten to death at your birthday party. Titties!

      • Joey

        I have a feeling you'll be regretting your foul words very soon. Just a hunch.

    • Blake

      Heavenly breast in motion

    • lol

      FIND HER.

    • tsmith

      Steals Soccer ball from player…..Your game is fun to watch…..but this girl is the hottest cheerleader of all time.!!

  • R2G Fan

    #9 is the cream of the crop for sure.

    • Gus

      Shes cute but that is it…

      • Bus

        You're insane… She's the maximum amount of cute, hot, sexy, and gorgeous all at the same time.

    • schörner

      Anybody know her name ? 😀

  • I_am_elf

    #19 ……. sweet.

  • Stephen

    Wow 9 can get it

    • Dude

      Agreed #9 is dang hot
      Most of the other chicks have thunder thighs

      • Bro

        They aren't thunder thighs; they have muscles from running around in the sand. But I'm sure you're in a position to judge…

  • Mr Lucky

    You go girl


  • dagleja3

    #19 – A great addition to the beautiful game!!

    • bob

      well cheerleaders make everything better…

  • Rob


  • Hound

    Just the right amount of skank !

  • BIll57

    want to get laid ummmmmm can I have more then one? ok one a day

    • @The_Scofield_


  • Micky


  • MrAliasMan

    #16 The wheels on the bus go round and round.

    • James

      #3 #5 yes she stole the show……oh mee gosh !

    • jason_in_pc

      the girls heads on the bus go up n down

    • Chris Arabian

      Something tells me she isn't ITALIAN though … either that or she's from southern italy … WAYYYYYYYY SOUTH.

  • jimbo

    this post is the biggest waste of bandwidth yet. ya'll can do better than this!

    • JGBallard

      Do not disquiet your impressed soul my dear friend. I know there is a post full of male genitalia somewhere for you to rejoice and feast you eyes upon.

      • jimbo

        Yes, I like to ride the pole. Slap my ass and call my Sally!

      • The New Yorker

        good. maybe you two can make it a date.

    • jason

      Know how I know you're gay?

      • hMMMM

        played out to the point where it's not funny in ANY context

    • NAACP

      Y'all? Shouldn't you be over at The Brigade?

    • jimbo

      Anyone who doesn't like this is GAY!? You guys are barrel scrapers. I mean really!

      • NAACP

        It's called theBerry, move over to that website for your free bag of dicks.

        • @The_Scofield_

          So you tried to dish on theBrigade and got thumbs-downed, so you figured you'd try theBerry? Still failing. Wanna try again, there's still theThrottle…

      • Foosbah

        100% agree with this. beggars may not be able to be choosers, but the Chive proves on a day to day basis that beggars can somehow certainly be condescending dick-wads with unwarranted self-importance.

        • NAACP

          I agree with this. Without a doubt, theChive does attract a variety of personalities, some being condescending dick-wads with unwarranted self-importance. The people that call a person gay for not liking this post are cut from the same cloth as the guy that says this post was the biggest waste of bandwidth. Ultimately, I want to award Foosbah 1 Internet for his contribution to our discussion.

  • StuScottsLeft Eye

    #9 is a beach angel

  • DementedGeek

    #18 Planking win?

    • Master_Rahl

      I was more thinking that the clouds would open and shine a ray of sunlight only on the top girl while we hear singing in the background. Basically, that chick is wicked hot!

  • brent

    ….. awesome.

  • ahawkeyeguy

    So THIS is why so many people watch soccer!

    • psadna1

      Huh? Wha? soccer? wtf does that have to do with anything?

    • European

      No one watched Soccer… we don't no what this is… we watch FOOTBALL! and please don't get that mixed up with American Football.

  • Matt

    #8 Why ruin the post with this?

    • LeonardoB


  • echogeo

    She just winked at me.

  • patov40

    #19 – Holy shat! Almost forgot it's humpday!! BTW, don't think many of these girls are Italian. More like cheerleaders IN Italy. Then again, who gives a rat's ass? HOT!! B)

    • fed

      you're correct. there is no such thing as cheerleading in Italy. The closest thing to it it's a shaved right-wing extremist with tattoos screaming at the stadium. These chicks look brazilian to me, just saying…

      • patov40

        Agreed that there are several Brazilians in this post, if not all. Their natural "assets" give them away! :p

  • jkmcdermott

    #5 is buttah face while #9 is betta face.

    • Jen

      #5…left thigh is twice the size of the right one. must give a lot of footjobs…

      • kidn

        yeah wtf is up with that..

  • wouty

    #18 #19 #20 as mac in the film predator once said " i'm goner have me some fun, i'm goner have me some fun" while snapping a cheap razor blade on his cheek.:D

    • wouty

      i dont know if thats correct, does anybody know if thats correct anyway ……Moar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Master_Rahl

        right before he went nuts and got his ass killed. Classic scene.

  • paula

    #5 she would brake my leg:D

    • Killinem

      Is it me or does she have one huge thigh and a normal size one.

  • strangeperson

    What's that bewbs, you want out?

  • acoustrix

    #10 dark brown hair.

  • Charlie_Cheen

    #9 #10 #19 #20

    Reasons number 47-50 for why I'd like to visit Italy.

    • vabeachguy79

      As a service member stationed in Italy, i have to say Italian women are a definite perk of visiting Italy.

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