Luv the M5 yet I respect the S6 4.0L twin-turbo…but it needs to have the 6-speed (14 Photos)

  • @3lementalmagick

    #4 – As pretty much always, a good looking motor.

    • Rick

      yeah, it's good way of exercising the occasional road-rage after a business deal goes flat

  • mathieu

    It delivers on the outside, you think WOW. Better looking than the M5? Debateable, i think it's a close one.
    Being rich enough to buy a fast luxury saloon, nah.
    Being that rich, you gotta be a bit crazy – you sorta ruined (IMO) a luxury saloon, took out the trimmings and leather into a brute of a giant.
    don't work for me

    • Rick

      trust me, if I were to get a luxury 4-door (and I could afford whatever), I'd go M5. that's why I titled it "respect the S6"

  • Masschine

    It's got a 7 speed transmission with flappy paddle shifting.And yes, it's better looking than the BMW.

    • Rick

      I took the word "manual" out of the title b/c it was getting too long

      • Rick

        as in I wish it had a 6-speed manual

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