Shit Detroit, get it together! (32 photos)

The series of photos was captured by French photographers Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre on a mission to document the decline of an American city. Their book “The Ruins of Detroit“, a document of decaying buildings frozen in time, was published in December 2010.

Click here to purchase The Ruins of Detroit.

  • guest

    "shit detroit, get it together" means that if you shit detroit, then you will get it together. youre gonna want to chage that to "shit, detroit! get it together"…i hate when people whose job it is to edit and spell shit fuck up 4th grade grammar…

    • James

      Have you ever read the book Eats, shoots and leaves? You should.

  • Franky

    Detroit is a hallow shell, Welcome to the real ground zero.

  • tarancara

    WOW, it must have really been something in it's time.

  • Mean Joe

    this is just the beginning for 'merica and I can't say it's undeserved…

  • mr. windsor

    result of the creation of suburbs, the automobile, freeways and whites wanting seperation from blacks. detroit suburbs are some of the wealthiest in america, they just go to detroit for work and entertainment.

  • Aaronthe Wellendowed Kingofdetroit

    I live in Detroit…all cities have abandoned buildings, that is all.

  • Eric Walker

    Left wing policies at their best.

  • Joseph Momma

    Every single one of 'em is nicer than my first apartment.

  • James

    Destroyed beauty at its finest.

  • Free at last

    <—- Escaped Detroit & MI with family intact, never looking back…

  • Brittni

    I am from MI and dont live far from Detroit. This is so sad that this is what our state is coming to.

  • Bustanut

    Every city in the U.S. would look like this if black people were solely left to manage themselves. Too bad our conservative white populous & government will never do anything really effective to help those cities out of economic devastation.

  • romaniac

    that reminds me..i have to see my smack dealer

  • Neville Bartos

    hahah you crazy americans, thats what you get when you cant sustain yourself as a country. tis a shame really, the architecture of some of these places is beautiful, id love to just walk around some of these buildings and take it all in….and yer, 80 bucks for a book, come on now.

    • kent

      "thats what you get when you cant sustain yourself as a country."

      The US is doing better than Europe right now.

  • Redknight

    #8 i need that clock!

  • Libertarian.

    The saddest thing is that Detroit will never vote for anyone who’s not a Democrat. They vote the same way their parents do, because they are terrified of a hard nosed conservative coming in and telling them what’s really going on.

  • Bergin Bustillo

    if you look a little bit closer on the polcie station pictures. you will notice that most of them are black people… "as Always"

  • JmG

    For most people commenting, they've never set foot in Detroit, let alone know the history, politics, problems, and people within the city. It is sad to see these photo's, as Detroit is actually taking an upswing, just like Chicago did some 40 years ago. People outside the area will just use this to advance whatever political ideology they have, yet no one will even come and help out.

    God, at least Wayne and a few other organizations are there actually working to rebuild. In that way, I can care less about any negative comments within this post.

  • Bruce

    FUCK detroit and Michigan all together!!

  • peterstravels

    These were beautiful and heartbreaking.

  • DetroitIsASewer

    i live in Detroit,so anyone thats not from here needs to keep their opinions to themselves. Detroits decay is most definitely caused by blacks, and they're proud of it

  • Detroiter

    So sick of these photos, people need to actually visit Detroit. For example, #8 is the old Cass Tech High, Literally right next to it is the brand new state of the art Cass Tech High. Every city has crap areas…Detroit may have more then usual but it is still a beautiful city.

  • Tony Lastomirsky Jr

    Sex traffic capital of the USA.. Be proud Detroit. But on the upside, We definitely party harder and have more heart then the majority of the country. TRUTH

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  • Christine

    Did the Weasley family finally get evicted? <img src= >

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