Shit Detroit, get it together! (32 photos)

The series of photos was captured by French photographers Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre on a mission to document the decline of an American city. Their book “The Ruins of Detroit“, a document of decaying buildings frozen in time, was published in December 2010.

Click here to purchase The Ruins of Detroit.

  • WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot

    Starts in Detroit… the rest of the US soon to follow!! Get ready!

  • virgiliorm
  • La maison de William Livingstone (Détroit) | Check donc ça

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  • Bubba

    Keep voting Democrat Michigan. California is next.

  • Lance

    Wow, some of these are gorgeous buildings like #6. There should be laws to prevent this sort of thing happen. This is actually the third series of photos of a dwindling, rotting America that I have seen. It's very depressing.

  • Syrin23

    Enjoy liberal utopia. Kill the host, reward the parasites. over regulate, over tax, monopolize labor.

    Then what happened? The businesses and productive people left.

    *GASP* Who would have EVER GUESSED ?!?!

    Meanwhile, on a national scale, we have record poverty! Yeah liberals! Destroying nations for centuries

  • cooper

    it is sad that people let such awsome things just goto waste

  • Sam Pittner

    Damn.. I live about an hour north of Detroit.. I avoid it if I can.. only been down there a few times but never seen any of those buildings… that's awful!

  • Rudy

    When you think of America you never picture this. Hope that it gets better as a whole but these places should be left alone. Almost like a memorial to show rise and fall. It seriously looks post apocalyptic

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  • Steebs

    I’m a paramedic in Detroit and I’m actually sitting in my ambulance looking at the David Broderick tower. They are currently remodeling this as well as many other beautiful historic buildings. Detroit has a long way to go but there’s still hope, not to mention we have the best system of hospitals in America. I see my share of shitheads every day but most people are just trying to get by and keep thier neighborhoods nice.

  • cjdetroit

    Now go take some pics of the local politicians homes… they are pretty well maintained by gardeners, maids and other hired help…mainly illegals. I really hope that God does Bless America..

  • Jimmy Ward

    These pictures are taken from Time Magazine from a title called " Detroit's Beautiful, Horrible Decline " I have lived my entire life in the Detroit Suburbs and I can Tell you that these pictures do NOT depict the city as i know it and as all Detroit know it. These are t ABANDONED buildings that cost Money Detroit doesn't have to take them down. What about all the great City Elements that Time Magazine didn't Capture?

    why don't you all take a look at the Active parts and the improvements Detroit has made as the younger Generation is now able to move in with new inspiring art, music, food, bars, concerts, and much more … this is my Detroit ….

  • Joseph

    I'm from Detroit and to be fair the Broderick Tower which is shown in #3 just underwent a $53 million renovation and is now luxury apartments. The Whitney building a few pictures later is being renovated as a boutique loft hotel and the picture of Cass Tech High School is of the old high school, the new one is one of the most technologically advanced high schools you can find.

    That being said I do recognize that Detroit is in a state of disarray but Midtown, Downtown and Corktown are coming back and its a start.

  • Nicholas Vest

    I knew we shouldn't have built this city on rock and roll.

  • Guest

    That's what happens when an industry disappears and the jobs are lost. Similar things are happening in other US manufacturing cities like Camden, Trenton, and Newark, NJ, and Philadelphia, PA, to name a few.

  • Professa X Phd

    So what you're saying is… I can buy all 22 properties for 80 bucks? 🙂

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