Transformation, not the good kind (21 Photos)

This Russian girl decided to dramatically change her appearance. It started with some permanent makeup and silicone lip injections but she was just clearing her throat.
The photo directly below was taken the day before her first surgery.

  • Teeph

    It’s sick and well, just sad. Pathetically sad. I could probably be persuaded to donate to a fund to get her the psychotherapy she so obviously needs and to get that shit undone.

  • guest

    Por Que???????????????

  • Stranger

    Kill it with fire!!

  • Name

    looks like someone found Ms. Potatohead's lost lips.

  • Bergin Bustillo

    man she es ugly like a kick in the balls :s

  • WaikikiWayne

    Keep that creature in Russia!!!

  • korrie


  • @bri5stars

    Eww why!?

  • Jon

    Ah Kristina WTF were you thinking? Yushno Sakhalinsk that is way the fu** far away from anything.

  • anthony

    I’m just going to say it. Thems some DSLs.

  • Mr fantastic

    God I hate foreign people. They’re just weird. She was attractive then became fugly

  • Paul

    #18 looks like she’s from hokuto no ken (fist of the north star)

  • Mary

    #2 its so sad that she went from something beautiful as this to well… #15 its sad she was never good enough for herself

  • andy

    i blame lady gaga

  • elliott

    freak show

  • HuberCarl

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  • sawahnm

    they look infected

  • jojoleb

    she's now FUGLY !

  • PeteJ_Norn_Iron

    crazy woman! she was pretty hot before she went all vampire and shiz

  • amplidudes


  • harrypalms1

    Looks like a tranny.

  • Alister

    #4: this is where someone should have smacked her down.

  • Teófilo Athos Brauns

    Bad development from 0 to 6 years can result in severe psychological behavior disturb.
    The most important years for the brain…

  • Pistola

    Interesting look. I ain't gonna hate on her.

  • Bubba

    Trying for the Tranny look?

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