Transformation, not the good kind (21 Photos)

This Russian girl decided to dramatically change her appearance. It started with some permanent makeup and silicone lip injections but she was just clearing her throat.
The photo directly below was taken the day before her first surgery.

  • Simone B

    I think CTRL+Z doesn't work….

  • Jason

    I'm sorry. I just threw up a little in my mouth.

  • doug

    cocaine is a hell of a drug!

  • Da Sandman


  • konaehukai

    Wow. Just Wow. Beautiful to Ugly. Wonder what was going through her mind?

  • Daniel


  • Kyle Barton

    wtf just happened

  • Fischer

    Any regrets????

  • barry

    In Soviet Russia, surgery makes you plastic.

  • waltgator

    dude?! wtf did she do!?

  • The Superginge

    TBH, it's not a horrible look. Well, the lips are disgusting, but everything else is just a kind of punk/goth mix. Not bad. The lips though. *shudder*

  • bigmic7

    No guys really, crack is awesome!

  • Jean Jezabel

    she must do good blowjobs

  • Allie H

    #21 Trying to be Lady Gaga doesn't make you Lady Gaga…

  • Gabe

    Russian Angelina Jolie!?

  • Dave

    I thought she was kinda cute in #9

  • Sam


  • nina

    i just threw up in my mouth wtf do they put in lips to make em that big thats cant be normal collagen injections

  • Alex

    #16 Skrillex?

  • jdejongh

    #19 Anal Prolapse

  • fambestera

    must have dated chris brown o_O

  • chestboy76

    Whatever it was, she nailed it…yikes!

  • dave

    looks like a tranny

  • Aaron

    The last pic looks like she is wearing a rear view mirror on her face…or maybe her lips are just not proportionate to her eyes

  • Buckethead


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