Ain’t that Merica (30 photos)

  • EasternCanuck

    Lets do a Canada post now… I'm sure we have alot of winners like these up here.

    • ZombieBootParty

      Canada = America's backpack

      • EasternCanuck

        That's why Canada's dollar is worth more then the 'merican dollar…???

        • Stucky

          Currently the USD trades for .9855 CAD. The 1yr trend is down from 1.03:1 in US favor, hardly an indicator that the CAD is worth more than the USD.

          • EasternCanuck

            Hardly an indicator? You just proved its worth more just as I stated… didn't say it was 50:1… just stated it was worth more.

          • jackson

            It's not an indicator, it's the ACTUAL value right here, right now. Typical Merican.

    • Kyle

      Canada = America's Hat

      • Randall Gallegos

        Kyle = asshat

    • giggitygiggitygoo

      #9 is from Canada

    • Malkintosh22


  • Screwdriver

    America…Fuck Yeah!!!!!!!

  • Jordan


  • James

    WOW #6 and #30….makes a red blooded man stand and salute

    • TheProfessor

      I'm at work, so it makes a red-blooded man blue.

    • Dan

      The flag field should be over the other breast (to the left when looking at it).

      Although I'm all for proper flag etiquette, I realize my complaint just comes across as gay.

      • coulditbe


  • disturbed

    #6 God Bless 'Merica

    • The man

      she looks mexican to me.

      • Bodizzle

        ur point?

      • hMMMM

        don't matter that's what we're all about.

    • Sterling Archer

      her name is ashley sky and shes a total babe

  • turbodude

    Seems reasonable

    • gUY

      I doubt they gave it to him loaded. His parents will probably keep until he is older. If they have permits, which many people in the south do, they have taken gun safety classes.

      Try thinking a little bit before spouting some condescending, sarcastic comment.

      • truth

        For long rifle weapons, there are no permits or registry in many southern states.

      • turbodude

        no shit sherlock…just hav'n fun you idiot

    • Jim

      I have no problem with this at all. The kid's mom and dad will probably just use it until the kid is old enough to use it himself. It's what my dad did when my grandfather gave me a .22 rifle on the day I was born. I didn't shoot it till I was in second grade.

      • hMMMM

        where are you from? just amazing how norms differ in certain areas of the country…fucking awesome. i didn't shoot my first gun until i was 17 and it was a handgun.

        • Jim

          I was born in New Hampshire then moved to the suburbs of Pittsburgh at age 5

        • Fasteddy14

          I was given my first .22 rifle when I was in first grade. It wasn't like I took it out on my own in first grade. It was locked up. My father and I would go to the shooting range…where I was taught how to shoot. And that was Long Island, NY…

  • Mikey

    Is that a YUGO!!!!

    • Rob

      VW Rabbit.

    • mali_sapun

      vw golf 2

    • Shan Haroon

      no, thats the original golf

  • MonkeyMadness

    #5 lol good way to get yer purse stolen!

    • bmoney

      Welcome to Obama's America…

      • nitrox

        Bush America

    • pjsupremex

      no sense in stealing it, you can't use food stamps for alcohol or cigs

  • Tyler


  • MonkeyMadness

    #6 and #15 Now THIS is what 'Merica is all about!

  • Mikey

    Now imagine Christina Hendricks in that outfit….god I hope she gets that role

    • echogeo

      Adrianne Palicki is doing the TV version. The director of The Avengers wants Hendricks in the lead role if he makes a version for the big screen. May your prayers be answered.

      • Dave Gal

        The TV version has been shit-canned.

        • echogeo

          Best news I've heard all day.

    • Siberia bound

      she still wouldn't be as hot the original- God bless u Lynda Carter-

    • saltygary

      "The Spin" is the best TV ever.

      • Still Me

        I think Mila Kunis would do the spin quite well.

        • PKOW

          Mila Kunis is too "girlish" looking to play Wonder Woman. A much more buxom, statuesque type like Monica Bellucci would be a better fit.

  • grizz

    what about aboot us canadians eh? do we get uh post?

  • Kwilliams5000

    #18 might be the dumbest shirt i've ever seen.

    • gUY

      By which you mean hilarious.

    • ZachBob

      I'm probably going to hell because I laughed my ass off when I read it.

    • jessica

      wow, i think that is pushing the limit!

    • jjjmc

      Almost as funny as the shirt that reads "Who ate all the pussy?"

  • Ryan Aubin

    #10 Butterburgers Rule!

    • da2conan

      Truer words have never been spoken!

      • Frank

        Deep fried cheese curds!!!!!!!

    • OSUBIO

      I used to agree till I got food poisoning from there.

      • beat rice

        Perhaps your innards were not suited for such glory.

    • NebraskaGuy

      Those burgers are friggin' awesome!

    • Timmy Tim Jim

      Love Culvers!!

  • K

    #10 omfg I love Culvers, mmmm butter burgers

    • Billy

      omfg Culvers is worse than mcdonald's. No shit true story. Bad bad food you must be smokin crack.

      • ROK247

        haha you are dumb.

      • Thror

        Haters gotta hate.

        But seriously, do they make frozen custard in Culver's outside of Wisconsin? I hope we're exporting that glorious dairy to the rest of the country.

  • MrAliasMan

    #13 mother of child sues organizers of said fundraiser after child shoots and kills father. Now thats the american way. Sad.. but true

    • Mike

      Or you could just not let the kid play with bullets.

      • Liam

        Best part, the kid's name is Stetson

    • Fasteddy14

      Gun violence is generally committed by the same type of individual that holds their gun sideways. Considering the number of privately owned guns in America, there is very little gun crime. Responsible owners follow gun laws. Criminals don't. You are an idiot, also sad but true.

  • Turtle

    #30 is that a Hunter S. Thompson action figure?!

    • The_Dood

      That is exactly what I thought.

    • Nesbit Faulkner

      Terry Richardson.

      • HLe

        That is Terry Richardson. You can tell by the Yashica it's holding.

    • greasdupdeafguy

      doing some in depth gonzo journalism on dem tittays

    • First Time Caller

      There is a giving head joke here….somewhere….

    • KNOB

      I was thinking Walt from Breaking Bad.

    • MEEEE

      I'll be damned… There IS an action figure there; I was stuck focusing on the tongue ring ^o^

  • Maynard B.

    #15- Boy, does that bring back memories. SCHWING!

    • oughtnot

      Linda Carter … she was perfect for this role, and is still a hottie!

  • Tim Brown

    #5 Mattress shopping……. You're doing it wrong.

    • Wally

      Waiting for her husband to finish HIS shopping!

  • Picard_

    #16 Looks like Canada gets the boobs!

    • No You

      Canada is not our fancy hat anymore, its our sweaty underboob.

    • greasdupdeafguy

      so Mexico is dat ass, by that logic. I am fine with this

      • HillBilly Bone

        Makes sense. I agree.

    • oughtnot

      Canada can have those man boobs ….

      • fibonacci5150

        they can just pretend its snow boobs when they do snow angels in between them cuz there is snow there and lots of it to stack damnit derp derp derp derp sry

  • bigox

    #7 where can i find such rolling papers?

    • Spoon
      • bigox

        I actually googled before i posted. Nothing like that out there on the first 4 pages of google results for various combinations of the words USA /american flag rolling papers

    • Ernie

      rolled bad though

    • Hutch Strickland

      In heaven.

      • PKOW

        i've spent most of the last week being either high off of pot, or drunk off of beer. that being said, you all have to be the biggest bunch of school-kids to put weed on as high a pedestal as you do. the shit is weak.

        • whodat

          1st, if you are still needing to roll a joint to get high, your weed must be very low-grade.
          2nd, PKOW read last part of sentence above.

          • PKOW

            joints. bongs. pipes. weed from various different people. doesn't matter what methodology you care to ponce it up with whodat, the shit's still weak.

  • gutterville

    Reading a very interesting book called "Why america fascinates and infuriates the world".
    Great read!

  • Logan

    #13 infant with a gun. You can't explain that.

    • Rammstein

      sure you can : America.

  • es_eh_em

    Who is #6

    • dedede

      ashley sky

    • grrregg

      I thought it was Melanie Eglasias

  • Lisa

    #24's actually kinda smart.

    #15 Lynda Carter. I always wanted her to go visit Hazard County.

    Speaking of the Dukes…Daisy would approve of #23. 😉

    • qqqq

      #23… so 2 in the pinky?

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