Daily Afternoon Randomness (30 Photos)

  • Dante

    #26 Rally with a RWD may be slower than AWD, but it's definitely much more fun…..

  • B dub

    #30 how dare u!

  • Steve

    #30 Black bar doesn't cover the reflection in the car tho 🙂

  • Ryan

    #30 FFUUUUUU

    • Buto

      Damn you HR

  • plinko

    #16 has a 350 chev in it and was built for about 5 grand

    • The El' Conquistador

      He went over budget, the 5k ran out a bit faster than anticipated….

  • DeBoh

    #3 I loved those old preludes. After that I had 2 more of the next generation but i always liked the lines of the early 90"s model

  • Oooops

    wait, #17 is okay, but #30 isn't????

    • Obama

      yeah and the uncensored version is pg compared to 17.

  • Mike

    #1 – Ahhhhhh the Nurburgring… my dream, except in a porsche 🙂

  • BIll57

    I rarely complain and never point out inconsistances. I feel compelled to site hump day posts which bare womens buttocks in the dozens, camel toes, down blouses etc etc. Yet here you are censoring the very thing you push forth on other posts?Was this suppose to be a joke or are you serious? Please let us know why you are inconsistant

  • Psymon Gallows

    #11: Anyone get the song in their head and just think, "I. Can't. Drive- FIFTY FIIIIIIIVE!"?

    • rowdy

      i see this picture and cant help but think.. "cannon ball run"

  • Zmart

    #30 Look at the reflection on the car. they didnt get that!

  • aaa

    uncensored on this page http://www.linkme.in/delicious-girl/

  • purvieWRX

    #30 I have a feeling that this was a good thing because truth is its not that great =/ you can just tell by her face too, shes less then average…

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