Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • http://dbdesignco.com bisketz

    #49, Well deserved!

  • Bob

    #28…I see it the strongest in Katy/Zooey, but Emily looks closer to Zooey than she does to Katy, but since Katy and Zooey look alike, Katy and Emily look alike, and Siwan, Mia, and Katie all look like Emily, so my brain makes this true. I HATE YOU BRAIN!!
    #43…Blech, the more I see it, the more I hate her face.

  • Anonymous


  • S13nobling

    #44 Of all the places to leave your camera lens cap !!!!

  • madrox

    you made the right choice Chive. Well done.

  • Anonymous

    # 28: G

  • Anonymous

    # 28: God liked what he made so much, he decided to make it several more times.

  • dave

    #22 "Laddergoat, Laddergoat" (cf…

  • joe

    #31 toodaloo mothafucka

  • beauty in the rough

    EW! The villainous little hunter on "wallace and gromit curse of the ware rabbit", that is who he looks like.

    • beauty in the rough

      #14 is who the above comment is about…

  • smasher

    #21 #42……sexy chivers are among us

  • smasher

    #30 Oh god please please please make her drop the change.

  • hiyo

    #3… shopped.

  • JAson

    #44 O MY GOD..

  • SFM89

    I AM #49 and I AM A FEMALE. this is my 3rd post for the chive and if you were to see my second one , you can clearly see that I am NOT a dude! Thank you very much go F*#! yourself

    • Jason J. Hatfield

      We're sorry, on the internet we tend to jump to conclusions based on limited evidence. Please forgive us 😦

  • Jake

    #25 alot of my friends ran this thing

  • John_Robert

    Number 18 might be a bit inappropriate. Pope John Paul II was shot while in the square in the Vatican. (Not sure the name of the square, but not important).
    If you don't like what their religion is "selling", maybe you just should not be buying.
    Perhaps making crass comments about a particular religion should be beneath you.
    I hope it will one day. Peace.

  • idunno

    #15 You may want to smile a bit.

  • holly vallent

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  • Kimmy

    #19 #23
    Dogs Rule!!!

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