MORE proof that Vladimir Putin is the real-life most interesting man in the world (30 Photos)

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  • Siggy


    • Nameless

      Chive, please stop contributing to the spread of this propaganda. Putin is not "cool," he is a dictator, with his hands around the throat of the Russian people. I understand that many Americans do not know, or understand this, but promoting his image isn't helpful to anyone.

      • Михаил Рикэттс

        as much as i agree….your pissing in the wind saying that here probably

        • Nameless

          It has to start somewhere. Change comes about through education, it's not a fast process.

          • Average Chiver

            "comes about through education".

            then boy did you come to the wrong website. we don't know nothin' about nothin, and we're damn proud of it. CHIVE ON!

    • siggy's dirty dick

      there is only one idiot more stupid than you and that is @Hawaiitgc

    • Anon

      Sorry first would be on this site where these photos where stolen.

  • @Hawaiitgc


    • pooper

      u suck

    • 'Lil Jon


      • Coldzilla

        Yelling first = Douchebag

        Yelling first and being WRONG = -126 and counting


    • Bart

      Not even the first to fail

    • Head Chef

      If I could mark you down twice I would, for your double fail!

  • asdf

    pure manliness

    • fabio

      WTF are you talking about???
      He's (still) a corrupted former kgb dictator who kills or sends to jail people who disagree with him. It's A FACT.

      • Jen

        so…that's sexy.

      • Csat

        You still can't believe it's not butter…

        What's your point?

  • Stafferty

    #27 The is no penalty box, only Gulag for you.

  • Steve Lee

    He's the Russian version of Chuck Noris.

    • ROK247

      he was trying to wrestle that bear but it keeps running away from him.

    • Mikhail Gorbachev

      dude might handle chuckie….he's so badass!!!

    • PartyMarty

      gud 1 bro.

    • Dead Reporter

      In that he's a piece of shit poser? Totally with ya, bro.

    • Fernando

      Maybe Chuck Norris just shave his beard, and went to russia to kick some ass

      • Joijw

        really? why am i not surprised the Chivers are still running with the Chuck Norris jokes(which has got to be over half a decade old by now)?

  • shanemcguire88

    fucking boss

  • Bernard Mamo



      wasn't this on yesterday???

    • Coldzilla

      LOL dude what are you…… 12?

    • Malkintosh22

      Liar! Liar! Pants on fire!

  • Major_Rocker

    He's still no Sean Connery 007.

    • RobGC

      Pretty damn close, And he is, in fact, REAL.

      • Aeternus

        The fact that he's real already makes him better than any fictional character.
        Sean Connery in real-life is more like an old British fart.

    • batman

      New bond is better than sean

      • Sean Connery

        you shir sheem to be mishtaken

        • Flicka

          Connery is a Scott and would attempt to skin you for saying otherwise.


    meh… next post please…

  • Stu

    might want to just have a whole post dedicated to Yana Lapikova. the photographer

    • ROK247
    • OIWj

      nah. that chick's hair is ridiculously thin.

      • Hide Salami

        her hair is thin??!…….. my god you have no life

        • Someone

          over a hundred people agreed that there should be a whole photo gallery for a random mildly attractive female photographer… i think a lot of people on this site have no life

  • A8eez

    #13 funk dis has got to be d coolest leader in d world, reminds of Mr Bond
    he sure is a legend judging by this gallery

    • anon

      You English is… good

      • anon

        haha *your

        • A8eez

          lol, so is you. hahaha

          • vaginaman

            eye dizacree

  • echogeo

    "Psssst, Vladdie. Check out the Chive."

    • Master_Rahl

      oh snap, all this effing "most interesting man in the world"-ness AND he's a horse whisperer? Damn our President is lame by comparison.

      • Mrs_Conejo

        just lame works. no comparison needed.

      • Duthty Rhodths

        Looks like the horse is whispering him. The horse behind the man?

  • Panama99

    #30 was the best thing about the whole posting…..

    Vlad should get her in a bikini, if he hasn't already.

    • truth

      actually, he should get her OUT of a bikini

      • Hoosiers

        are you all 14 years old?

    • Vladimir Putin

      Already have, you bitches. That was a pre-requisite for the job.

      • Siberia bound

        we're supposed to believe that VP uses phrases like "you bitches"? He only has to look at you and you're already dead…

  • StuScottsLeft Eye

    #13 If you ride a trike…You can not considered the most interesting man in the world.

    • StuScottsLeft Eye

      Astonished this comment is getting so many thumbs downs…He is riding a Trike! In 'Merica we ride Harley.

      • ezhammer

        Harley makes trikes, D.A.

      • Randall Gallegos

        that is a harley trike. actually an Electraglide Trike. and actually in Merica we MAKE Harley, they are riden all over the world.

        • Deano

          Well done…have a fucking medal.

      • Sumner

        In 'Merica many of you can't fit on either. How about "In 'Merica we ride electric scooters"?

    • Screwdriver

      Why the negatives?…Trikes are for women and old men.

    • Underhill

      You certainly can. He loans it out to pull parade floats.

    • Kotlet

      Unless of course your trike is followed by 30 armed KGB dudes that will do what you tell them to…

    • chive

      If the world can not be considered the most interesting, you ride in a man trike.

  • Name

    first human clone!

  • dpr

    Unfortunate that a whole wave of people who don't pay attention to politics will come away from this post equating Putin with being cool. He may look cool, but he's a corrupt leader who is the subject of well-organized branding. Now he's getting a nice assist with the latter.

    • jimbo

      what freaking idiots gave dpr's post a freaking thumbs down. how stupid can you be! the guy is a spy and a thug. those are all photo ops and CHive is fulfilling this image. HEY maybe you guys can use cigarette ads to go with the barcardi ads!

      • zombie


        • Jason

          You suck. That comment made me spit food all over my keyboard!

          • WOIe

            ugh. goddamn sloppy-ass americans…..

    • Fabio

      And he's a murderer too! Ask to Cecenia people if Putin is still interesting.
      People are sometimes, just, ignorant. It's a fact.

      • America

        America, we are down with killers.

        • Flicka

          And our leaders can't look good for 300 million dollars. Dishonesty AND incompetence? Come on… one or the other. Putin is a Don to the American snatch-and-grab thug, as far as political comparisons go.

          • Chris Arabian

            Thank you flika. the only difference between Putin and current Western leaders is that Putin is more open about his thugery. Putin kills Chechins the same way Americans and Brits kill Afghani's and Iraqi's. So please give me a break on the holier than though comparisons.

            • Granite

              Whilst I appreciate and sympathize with the plight of the Chechins, please don't compare them to Afghani's and Iraqi's. The Chechins don't deserve to be lumped into the same category as the Afghani's and their ilk.

              • Beto Hernandez

                how do you figure? aside from the racism, obviously.

                • Granite

                  What part of my comment did you misinterpret as racism? My stance of the Chechins is hardly a matter of racism. If you assumed my wording, "Afghani's and their ilk" to be racist, you would be in error. While the Chechins and the Afghanis do share a history of combat against the Russians, the similarities end there. From the culture to the current mindset of the people, the parallels do not exist.

                  To bring racism into this as some kind of tool to support your position is a sign of weakness.

                  • Flow

                    I'm not intending to get mixed in this, but Beto Hernandez probably understood your own comment better than you did. The context of the original comment you replied to makes your statement sound racist. Add to that that he did not argue for the sake of his (or any) position at all makes your interpretation of his post fundamentally flawed. The wording also makes it pretty clear that you categorize people based on their heritage (same category as..) and then judge them based on that. (Deserve..) That is basically a text-book definition of racism.

                    Usually don't care about comments like yours, but to have the nerve to make such a stupid comment and then attack people for pointing it out deserves nothing else.

                    • Shakey

                      You guys are aware that an Afghani is the Afghan currency right? Next thing you'll be saying that the dollar's out of control!

      • Jim

        Because American leaders have no blood on their hands, right?

    • Panama99

      Man, I never knew that Putin might be a bad guy…….

      Thank you for sharing this info and saving me from making some crazy mistake.

      You are the best. Putin BAD!!

    • elbruces

      Whew, I might have voted for him if you hadn't warned me about… owai…

  • Riho Rästas

    Russian propaganda at its best

    • Underhill

      Perhaps but, he seems to have turned with the times –or vice-versa. During his Presidency
      and since then during his time as Prime Minister the Russian economy has steadily improved.
      They are still exporting women but there are other factors involved.

  • TheBAMFinater

    Emporer Palpatine, the early years

  • cantcme

    Yana needs to snap a photo of him sucking down a Dos Equis, then there would be no doubt he would be the mimitw.

  • B dub

    he doesn't always drink beer, but he always kicks az!

  • Biz02

    #22 – Wonder if he ran into Mahoney at the Blue Oyster Bar.

    • Jay Bell

      police academy referance ftw!

    • Verbal_Kint

      Commandant Lassard approves this comment.

    • 4everDistracted

      Mahoney never went. He sent Copeland and Blankes and Proctor and Cpt Harris. Just sayin…

      • Biz02

        I know. But Mahoney hasn't been up to much lately. He might have stopped in for a beer.

    • BruthaV

      It appears from the condition of the guys in the background, he is clearly hanging with some Crips (South Park reference).

  • sirforsyth

    #28 Horse whisperer

  • Zedhere

    #10 In Soviet Russia, pan fries you!

    #28 In Soviet Russia, Horse rides you!

    • Juoil

      Jesus, the "In soviet russia…." joke got old. 10 years ago.

      • Zedhere

        No, really!? Why don't you expound on other jokes that got old? Perhaps you can be the juczar of funny. Please expound your hilarity on us all and make us laugh, oh great one! Sorry to have wasted your valuable funny time with my Yakov jokes.

        • Juiol

          So you want me to give you a different joke so you can repeat it ad nauseam? Nah, think of one yourself.

          • Common Sense

            Juiol wins.

      • fibonacci5150

        for real though…… shit happens anything is possible

  • BS inspector

    Hey Chive – did you know that 3/4 of your posts are not original and that there is 2 other web sites that have most of your content before you do. Lost a bit of respect for the chive when I noticed this. Your Putin gallery is proof of that. You 3 all buying your non original content from the same guy? 2nd time I posted this. You don't want anyone to know eh. I'll just have to keep it up.

    • SIck of LG

      Let the thumb dowing comence! Keep it real brother

      • Raunchy The 1st

        100% agree. good job BS inspector.

    • the condor

      you sir are a douche….did you know that 100% of your posted links are poorly put together making you look like an idiot? That is all.

    • zombie

      I've never been to either of those sites, and don't care to. Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.

    • mmmmmhmmmm

      Even though I don't use it, most of their posts are pulled directly from reddit. Now why do I choose The Chive over reddit? The Chive takes many of the awesome things and leaves most of the crap.

    • Kenai

      Don't you guys realize that it doesn't matter where it was posted first, after an hour on the internet it's unoriginal? The point is that the content didn't show up on theCHIVE and therefore is new to us chivers. The end justifies the means…. Stop hating on Chive for being the best website in the world.

      • BS inspector

        Hey don't get me wrong I love the chive. Not hating. Just a little bothered – It was just like finding out santa clause isn't real that all

        • greasdupdeafguy

          what do you mean Santa isn't real? He's still real to me, damnit!

        • MeatloafAlsoMeatloaf

          you take that back you SOB. Santa Clause is real, ask Tim Allen – believing is seeing.

      • Stan_Dalone


    • Frylock.

      Hey BS Inspector. Obviously, we're not here to be the first to see the most up to date pictures of cats on the internet. If we wanted to get that piece of business done, we'd be refreshing reddit every 2 seconds. Rather, we're here for the camaraderie of The Chive community. Have you noticed, that except for a few douche hounds, people here aren't constantly making fun of others in the comments. You find those things on other sites, but not here? If you're looking to make yourself feel better by anonymously cutting people down, then more power to you but do us all a favor and take that crap elsewhere. Thanks and have a really stellar day.

      • Jen

        WOW GAY

        • Panama99

          Can I have a hug after Frylock's emotional plea…….

          Jen, hold me!!!!

      • Guesty

        TL;DR = We have no friends in real life, so we come to this site to post comments and judge popularity by thumbs up/down ranking, and call it a community with "friends" we'll never meet in real life

        • Hey Jew

          LOL. WIN

      • JJJ

        Actually no, TheChive has a lot of prick that get easily pussy hurt when you poke fun at stuff. Like their beloved Chivettes, for example. And it's gotten worse and worse over the year. Anyways, time to thumb down me, sheep.

        • Panama99


          You lost me with the last part.

          Can't we be lemings all throwing ourselves off the cliff one after the other….

          Maybe ducks, because they follow each other in a line……

          I'm just saying I don't understand the "sheep" part

          • White-Bread humor

            *sigh* not funny.

      • Tim Brown

        Couldn't agree more. You dont notice someone wearing a reddit shirt at a concert and tell em to "reddit on!" plus look at all the charity the Chive does. Not to mention the sexy as all hell Chivettes. Chive may borrow some material from other sites cause the shits funny. But the Chive has something none of those other sites have. The camraderie. Well put, sir!

    • amplidudes


    • colm

      You're some clown BS. Seriously man, pull your head out of your arse. 'It was just like finding out santa clause isn't real'


    • Natalie Ann

      (most) chivers aren't total fucking idiots; we DO realize that this stuff is pulled from other sites. I use the chive because it is aesthetically much more pleasant than reddit and because I have come to enjoy the commentary provided by theChive team/site managers.
      If you've become disenchanted with theChive, that's your own problem.
      So….blow it out your ass.

    • Deano

      Well done…have a fucking a medal.

  • femtrooper1

    #1 Oh the things I'd do to that man…

    • WOIie

      would you lick his asshole?

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