MORE proof that Vladimir Putin is the real-life most interesting man in the world (30 Photos)

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  • TeSpecialChiver

    I didint know Daniel Craig was in love with Sara Jesica Parker. I love love, they nice couple.

    • TeSpecialChiver

      #28 is picture i miss.

  • Montucky

    Lets not forget he is former KGB! not cool. He seems to have a great PR person though.

    • Juoil

      And in what exactly is KGB worse than CIA?

  • therussian

    russia motherland B)

  • Stan

    I could be a pretty fuckin interesting guy too if I had any resource I wanted.

  • KFT

    BS Inspector..

    We don't care, we like The Chive; Fuck you that's why.

  • jayman

    Just a classier version of Kim Jong Mentally Ill…oh and taller. And an ex-KGB agent. Otherwise totally awesome. But I think he needs a bigger supply a shirts.

  • Brian

    I don't always kick ass, but when I do….just kidding. I always kick ass.

  • Ramnath. Pai. P


  • Mojomatrix

    And a new meme is born.

  • Hooka

    The guy is badass. Plain and simple. Someone explain to me why our leaders are such pussies.

  • Short Bus All Stars

    Now that's who we need for President! ….and before any of you jerkoffs who don't get sarcasm say anything, yes I know that is impossible for him to become our president….because he's too awesome!!!… Next in line is Neil Patrick Harris

  • PartyMarty

    Downfist me to death. Do it.

    But Putin is an evil bastard who should not be glorified. I can't tell if this particular strain of The Chive is the result of bubbleheaded naivete or calloused adolescent cynicism. Either way, you guys are children.

    Fuck Putin and his semi-third world kleptocracy.

  • Steve Grenier

    Putin for President

  • PMDawn

    saw this two days ago how bout something original

    • PartyMarty

      Nah, the fatherless angry-white-boys didn't finish beating off to the concept of totalitarianism.

  • Nyet

    #16 I'm on a horse.

  • dea9

    Putin is not awesome… is list of journalists killed under Putin many of them working on story's about Putin at the time they diapered. Putin is a monster. As a veteran it angers me every time I see one of these posts. Why not have a Saddam was awesome post or a boy we sure miss Hitler post.

  • Arbitrage Garage

    You can look at every photo and picture him saying “And this is a picture of me doing something awesome”

  • thomf

    I love the Chive, but it pains me when I see this and the idiots who comment how cool he is. He is a murdering thug, pure and simple. Why not a post on how cool Hitler was, or how cool Lenin, Che or Mao were.
    He hasn't murdered as many people as them, but a mass murder is a mass murderer.

  • Dirty_Johnny

    President Urkel is a giant Pussy compared to this guy. Barry, Man up and stop being such a douche.

  • Jack Spectre

    Still polishing that old commie's rod, eh?

  • Hector

    #12, the softer side of one of the most evil men in the world.

  • PeteJ_Norn_Iron

    Putin is a a real character haha he cracks me up!

  • soda pop


  • Daniel Angelo Monaco

    Yeah, he's manly! He's also a totalitarian dickhole who is slowly destroying Russia's democracy.

  • amplidudes

    Putin de Madre!

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