MORE proof that Vladimir Putin is the real-life most interesting man in the world (30 Photos)

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  • KNOB

    Looks like this pan's been fried.


  • Apexs

    #13 totally reminded me of that scene on idiocracy when president camacho rides his tricycle

  • Auz_E

    I'd so love to do the things that guy has done (including his photographer hehehe)…

  • jim3dwards

    #10 I am Ironman

  • Leonard

    Not a Single Fuck was Given

  • dOOb

    dude must have 50 pound balls

  • Bandeti

    What is with this guy??? He makes all of our presidents look like pusses!

    • Rage

      When it comes to Russian politics, they have a history of being favourable to 'tough/manly leaders' … for the most part they will vote in someone or pledge their support to toughness and someone willing to take "a strong stance on issues". While he is known to be a corrupt maniac, in regards to the media/propaganda, he is probably still one of the most interesting politicians out there and compared to some of the leaders in Russia, he's been one of the more 'efficient'. Most Russians will tell you that. That being said, he has his many faults.

  • jayboc

    he might be whatever you people call it, but dont take it on the chive….. read the title. most interesting man, and judging by the pics, the dude is a badass! not saying i accept all the bad things he does, i simply agree with the title.

    keep calm and chive on

  • Colin

    Wow…my life sucks…

  • Toby

    Just imagining Putin in the whitehouse – reckon Boehner and the Tea Party folk would either a)get a boner for him and worship him or b) run screaming like the little girls they are out of the building. If only Obama had this hard man image somewhere between John Wayne and Chuck Norris he'd have no problem getting his way lol.

  • Pooper

    Yea he's a Bada**!!

  • Disappointed.

    And we Americans get the goofy bastard wearing a purple helmet while riding a girls bike.

  • guest

    Ron Paul for President, Vlad for VP!

  • Rick

    He's a leader version of our USA leader.


    I know he's a corrupt leader but it is AMAZING the things that make men more attractive.

    I'd totally do him.

  • ZombieBootParty

    #13 Pussy rides a trike. Real men don't need training wheels.

  • Chris Arabian

    Yeah, he's a pussy. He's a pussy that could make you disappear in 3 seconds. Yes, Putin is corrupt, a former KGB spy, a tyrant, and a scoundrel but that doesn't make him less interesting. He's not vanilla which is precisely WHY he's so interesting. It's why people are still so interested in Hannibal, Calugula, Hitler, Stalin et al. No one claims Putin to be a NICE man or a GOOD man, just an interesting man.

  • Critic

    Obama doesn’t stand a chance.

  • Holmie

    For being the prime minister of the largest country by land mass, he doesn't seem very busy.

  • Bless1

    #30- FIND HER!

  • gww

    He may not always run the country,
    But when he does
    He prefers Tiger Blood

  • Slick_Nick

    Is there anything Vlad can't do???I challenge the Chive to find one thing!

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  • HMcC

    I think you meant to say

    "MORE proof that Vladimir Putin is a politician with a talented PR team and a shit load of media that have no choice but to make him look interesting"

  • Coldzilla

    He just gets more photo ops than the guy on TV 😉

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