MORE proof that Vladimir Putin is the real-life most interesting man in the world (30 Photos)

via theatlantic

  • I.Glove

    And to think I made fun of his name **hangs head low** HE.IS.AWESOME

  • manchakattack

    Is there anything this man hasn't done?

  • whatever5390

    tyranny and war crimes are not awesome….

  • paristscp

    Russia is a stinking armpit…..and I am ashamed of how much their leader makes ours look like a giant pussy.
    While Obama is riding a prissy bike through Martha's Vineyard (dorky helmet and all), Putin is harpooning animals from a rubber raft…..

    Real Man for prez '12!

  • bkfrijoles

    a total BAD ASS

  • MrSkyline


    She might be a pretty girl, but she doesn't know sh** about photography, that's for sure.

  • cyril

    #8 straight up villain plotting his next move

  • Lia

    Even though some of this is probably just a staged photo open Yuri still looks really fun. However, I really don’t like world leaders wandering around bear chested. But then I don’t like how Gordon Ramsey insists on taking his shirt off in every single ep in his “nightmare” series. It seems a bit exhibitionist to me. But that’s just personal preference…..

  • bmwbro

    putin= bro. go mother russia!

  • Marcos

    More Yana less Putin.

    p.s. Putin makes our P.O.T.U.S look like a pussy.

  • Brent

    If you could mix a honey badger and Putin, then that would be something…

  • Roger Barahona

    Find please!! #30!!

  • davidjones

    That was all in one day.

  • Pwnonimous

    Our last Presidents nickname for Putin is “Pooty Poot”. How awesome does he seem now?


    wtf obama. where u at?

  • LyinKing

    These would be impressive if they werent just photo op stunts that Putin does to bolster his public image.

    Not that the photos arent cool. But the real most interesting man on the planet would do all these things sans photo ops.

  • cubanitagirl

    love this post

  • Da Sandman

    most of them shopped probably…

  • Carlos SLB


  • Anonymous

    […] […]

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