Redheads, redheads, wherefore art thou redheads? (34 Photos)

  • Sw0rdF1sh

    #8 & #32 = my ultimate fantasy

  • Helmet4

    #31 amazing

    • Ash

      Her name is Leanna Decker. Trust me… look her up and you WILL be in love.

      • Shannon Coverdale

        Thank you kindly, and I am now in love

  • Awesome

    Good lord, who are #12 and #28???

  • Awesome

    I meant #29. Altho, 28 is cute, too…

  • Meh

    #2 scares me while #33 blinded me

  • Brian


    Ah! Sweet mystery of life at last I've found thee!

  • Brian

    I'll take a #8 please. With a side of #12.

  • bbob


    • jeralin

      Lily Cole… one of the first comment threads answered your question already.

    • echogeo

      Lily is a healthy girl!

  • beardown153

    I think intercourse with any number of these women would be a real treat.

  • james


    • james

      who are these people?

    • Jeff

      I'd never be able to get enough of #8 #22 and #29

  • Dizzle

    FIND #8

  • ROK247

    THIRSTY THURSDAY TRIVIA: wherefore art thou actually means "why are you" not "where are you".

  • Lsquare40

    # 34 winning Charlie Sheen style!

    • Turduckenn

      but you are failing

  • A BiPolar Guy

    why do you torture me like this? all my life I've wanted a red headed, green eyed girl with an irish accent probably named Kathleen. All efforts to convince my wife to dye her hair, get contacts, effect an accent, and change her name (while insisting all the while that I love her just as she is), have oddly met with failure. LOL women!

  • ksquared

    Who are #4 and #14???? MOAR!!!!

  • Justin

    #18 #19 = Why I still watch True Blood.

  • Dapper_Dave

    #19 Holy Mary Mother of God!

  • Daniel Colby


    I'm amazed she hasn't gotten more comment love yet. Find Her!

    • Kei Æ Loerop


  • B_H

    #19…Thank you Jebus for True Blood and Deborah Ann Woll

  • MrMav

    #28 & #29 – i'm in love

  • Kiko_donut

    K-shing! … #22

    I'pay for your life, as long as you are with me

  • DementedGeek

    Dammit, there needs to be MOAR submissions from the redheaded Chivettes! I failed to notice if there were any pics other than #8

  • Jeff

    Who could ever get enough of #8 #22 & #29? I couldn't

  • the chird

    Ok now we need to find redheads with green eyes. That’s the chirds kyptonite. Chives on

  • the frenchman

    #24 Susan you win as always.

    • echogeo

      Susan looks like a whole lotta fun.

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