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Redheads, redheads, wherefore art thou redheads? (34 Photos)

  • misschris

    #19 WINNER!

  • Mike Oxlong

    #3 — Hottest Redhead ever!!!

  • The Jake

    8 13 16 24 29 34. I love redheads!!!

  • Jordan

    #34. holy batman glasses. Very nice.

  • Tatiana Campuzano

    #24 & #27 freaking HOT! but Kudos to my Girl #34 Simply for having the Batman Shirt!!!

  • 0192837465

    Raising the bar Chive! Thank you!!

  • David

    #4 stunning… FIND HER…

    • Adam

      Jayme Langford she loves girls.

  • Josh S.

    #18 Deborah Wells is probably the hottest ginger on the planet…

    • Jim

      she's naturally a blonde

  • David

    Ok – I found #4 myself… 🙂… NSFW but very nice

  • Jake Dent

    #34 absolutely stunning, a find her fo sho'

  • laelow

    #31 #3 FTW

  • JetBoatYeah

    #5 and #12….yummy!!

  • ryan

    #13 YOYZA!

  • Jay

    Why yes, I can and will watch you all day. #19

  • Adam

    #31 Nice good to see my submission Leanna Decker made it in look her up guys you won't be disappointed, she has a great photo shoot video called "Killer" as well it's on youtube and dailymotion.

  • Trent

    #4 Jayme
    #18 Deborah
    #24 Susan
    all extremely gorgeous.

  • Guest

    My favorites are 6,26,28,and 34.

  • Glazz

    Need more Redhead Chivettes, not these professionals.

  • intmid8or

    wheres the brunette gallery?

  • B dub

    #12 wow #21 her eyes r amazing #27 is sooo hot! great post Bob but not enough real girls

  • Matt

    #1 I will never get sick of seeing Eva Wyrwal she is always welcome.
    <img src="; border="0" alt="eva10 Pictures, Images and Photos"/>

    The same for #24 Susan Coffey
    <img src="; border="0" alt="Susan Coffey Pictures, Images and Photos"/>

  • bob

    #18 #19

    all others fall shott in comparison….my idea of perfect 10/10

  • Mwins

    Wherefore does not not mean the same thing where are it means why are you. When Juliet says wherefore art tho Romeo she is asking Romeo why are you Romeo because she could be with him if he wasn’t.

  • JFyn

    Gotta stick with #4 Jayme, but #29 has an amazing smile, and #31 looks mischievous.

  • Obama


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