The most pierced man in the world. Gross, dude (14 Photos)

  • wtf

    fuck this

    • .Krookz

      Fuck that!

      • BIll57

        it is digusting

    • duffer

      fuck him

    • Mrs_Conejo


    • trep

      Yea, you know what ELSE he probably has pierced?

      • whitneysouth

        "Buzz's girlfriend… Woooooof."

        I can't explain how disturbed that made me feel. ha

  • Tom

    #11 what cha doin'…just think about stuff.

    • Meh


    • Emma Oliver

      lol my thoughts exactly!!!

  • bubba_earl

    #12 Seems legit.

    • Guest

      I'd hire him!

    • jason_in_pc

      #13 is not him. awesome woman with swirley boobs tat is only in this 1 pic.

      • Fartie

        ah, the wonders of photoshop, it's on his left arm. This picture has been mirrored

      • fuckwad

        You can see if in #3 #8 and #9 dumbass

  • Paula_

    This is nothing, you should see the most pierced woman….
    Something like this:

    – yes yes, still a cutie compared to me

    • derka

      yucky thx P

  • Yup


    • Nate

      kill yourself bro….better yet, i'll kill myself so i never have to look at this again. nice knowing ya

  • Nobody


  • @brettadamsga

    I understand body modification, but jezz that looks like it would hurt, all that extra weight around the lips…

    • JAS

      please explain body modding for me then, I don't get it at all. Piercing and tats I understand, but beyond that I'm lost.

      • @brettadamsga

        Hey to this guy this is probably just piercings and tats, everyone has a point of view, where one may see mutilation, another sees that is what I want.

  • Hockey Guy

    Don't let him near that magnet boy he might be charged as a phedophile.

    • Jay

      Good memory. Forgot about that kid. Yeah.

  • Kathy S Ecker

    Oh gross…this man has a mental sickness. A few would be okay, but this?

    • Panama99

      Do you have any piercings? ears (2), nose (1), eyebrow (1 or 2), navel (1), a little lower (1), nipples (1 or 2) if you have all of those then that is between 7 and 9 so you too could have a mental sickness.

      What constitutes a few…..3….4….5? He doesn't have a mental illness he likes this kind of junk. You don't and that's fine.

      Simply try not to be too judgemental.

      • jackson

        you cant defend that shit, no sane person would do such a thing

        • Jake

          Why? You must not have done well in school. Cultures have been doing far more to their bodies since the dawn of time. Open a book, educate yourself.

      • J_Dub

        seriously, there's something not right with somebody that would do this to themselves. I'm all about the "to each their own" non-judgmental thing but this is way overboard. Also, what's up with all the faces of women tattooed everywhere? at least he's just getting girls tattooed on his body instead of raping and/or murdering them. (hopefully)

        • Panama99

          I like how you are "to each his own" as long as I'm OK and not "too" offended position. Is he a person I want to hangout with…probably not and it's because of all those things hanging off his face but I understand that.

          I also like how you took the next logical step and determined that he or his kind like to go around raping women.

          LOL you make me laugh.

          • J_Dub

            you should probably try reading my whole comment as it's written. it was a question regarding the reasoning behind the decisions not an accusation of anything. "at least he's just getting girls tattooed on his body"

            yes, to each their own, everybody can have their own opinion and MY opinion was that it was "way overboard" nowhere did I say I was offended, and I apologize if I offended you by having my own opinion of your rather hostile response to Kathy^

            • Jake

              But. You recant at the end (hopefully)

              Ending your comment with the slight assumption that he rapes our villages and pillages our women.

              Spouting off complete ignorance than defending yourself with, "ITS MY OPINION MAN I CAN DO WHAT I WANT WITH IT"

              Typical American.

              • thomf

                The world needs more judging and shame.
                This guy and other tattooed and pierced freaks have a mental illness.
                "Oooooh, hey everyone look at me! Look at me!"

                • Guesty

                  This isn't the only example of "Oooooh, hey everyone look at me! Look at me!" on this site, don't forget. I think the same thing happens every Friday afternoon, and you all can't get enough of it….

              • J_Dub

                so you're a typical spineless bitch.
                Go buy a douche, flush the sand out of your pussy, and grow the fuck up sweetheart…

                oh, if you're gunna keep being a bitch try coming up with something clever, not just hitting caps lock and insulting someones country…

    • llcoolranch

      i think you mean, "metal illness"

      • Panama99

        LOL, I like that.

    • Squiggy

      At the risk of being castagated by the defenders of freedom above, I am pretty sure this German guy is retarded.

  • Panama99

    I bet he has a hell of a time getting thru airport security…….

    • Jake

      I bet he doesn't.

      • Panama99

        Depends what the "bumps" in his head and forearms are made of.

        You can see them in #9 and #15

  • pingtom

    still probably gets more girls than me….

    • Spocker

      Yes, he does have at least one girlfriend.


    • mattythegooch

      Toxic Shock Syndrome get more girls than you!! hahah, I kid I kid!

    • WOIiew

      than any of the Chivers.

  • alex

    I guess he doesn't fly much…

    • Alex Panda

      Actually, Rolf is a bit of an international jetsetter. I know this purely from meeting him in Norway on several occasions, and following his social networks..

  • @valorikx221

    what ^ said

  • AssClown

    #4 Wonders if the carpet matches the…never mind.

    • Busted

      It does. According to MSN today…278 genital piercings. I wonder who had to confirm that number?

    • mojo789

      LMFAO best comment on here by far

  • Jeff Newland

    More proof German's are just plain weird! Maybe we shouldn't have stopped the carpet bombing….

    • weirdgerman

      you are a complete idiot newland.

    • Warrior Queen

      that is the kind of comment hat makes me realise how lucky I was to ditch my American nationality for something more civilised… moron.

  • Anonymous

    Why?! How does he keep his whiskers trimmed?

  • sensualtendency

    how many times would he have to be checked by the TSA?

  • Kei Æ Loerop

    they should have combined two posts…

    horsemaning + most pierced man

  • Dee

    Where do people that do this get a job? Can not imagine walking into a bank or law office and the clerk looking like this.

    • fuckwad

      He probably makes money off the publicity, kinda like when someone makes a youtube video and gets famous they make money to be on shows such as tosh.o

    • Alex Panda

      He is a successfull programmer if I'm not mistaken. Regardless. IT. Big bucks. If you're good at what you do, you can look like this, and still claim big money.

  • Dan Hewett

    oh god PLEASE won't someone look at me?!?! I just need attention! for the love of god make me relevant!

    fucking sad you moron

    • Jake

      I would think ridiculing someone based on how they chose to look would make you a moron more than expressing yourself and doing what makes you happy.

      You're nothing but a high school bully who never quite got over himself. Enjoy fist bumping your bros and crushing cans on your face you ignorant fool.

      • j_rizzo

        Ridiculing someone based on how they choose to look isn't a trait of a bully, making fun of their immutable characteristics is.

        Cut the sanctimonious finger wagging – this asshole chose to mangle his face, he opened himself up to criticism.

    • thomf

      Totally agree.

    • Guesty

      Every Friday afternoon!

    • Foosbah

      he's a Chivette?

    • Raunchy The 1st

      but when the Chivettes do it, it's "just because they enjoy it for…no particular reason", amirite?


    #14 2 WORDS,,,, CHILD NEGLECT,

    • mojo789


  • shawn

    someone put his first piercing a little to deep and damaged something in his head

  • jackson

    sure hope this dipshit didnt procreate

    • Jake

      His kids would turn out much better than you obviously did.

  • Anonymous

    Some people should be put to sleep

  • dorkfish

    Soooo…You got wasted last night…WTF

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