Daily Afternoon Randomness in HQ (41 Photos)

  • ithilmor

    somewhere over the rainbow

  • lobolebowski

    #13….. why so much garbage running on your laptop while you chive?

  • lobolebowski


    Don't interrupt my chiving with your sob story. You are neither hot nor small and cute, I feel no compulsion to care.

    • UraDick

      Let me guess…you like to run red lights?

      • lobolebowski

        no, but I do like to create new usernames to put an extra insult in my replies. Go fuck yourself

  • Andrew

    #26 its a wave, inside a wave, inside a wave…BWONG…Inceptions.

  • Leaf

    Holy motherfuc&in’ A #31. You waited, but did good…damn.

  • Anonymous

    @ #31- sure glad you did share! Thank you. MOAR please!

  • anomic

    Honestly, this self referential bullshit has got to go. Half of these pictures are either people holding Chive signs, or The Chive promoting itself. It's sad when people self identify as Chivers, a group of people who enjoy looking at pictures on a website. I guess it's easier than actually doing something.
    bah humbug!

  • http://www.facebook.com/mneal3 Mandy Neal

    #36 Awesome man, glad to hear you'll be out on the water again

  • mike

    bless you both #31 and #36. cocktails in honor of both!

  • BlackMatterBeaver

    #33 #34 I'm in love…

  • Maui Brent

    #35 #36 Thanks for giving us all a bit of life perspective Dan! Good luck and Chive on!

  • Wesley

    #7 Hot artistic redhead. MOAR?

  • Steve

    34 why must you be so amazing?

  • :-(

    #21 – I cry for his soul.

  • gaydar

    #39 Looks like Doug is a little light in the loafers…

  • jesus...

    #21…it's just a shame when a man turns into a little girl without even realizing it- when she dumps you for a guy with on a motorcycle don't say your friends didn't warn u-

  • Faust

    #31…FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP…etc…etc…

  • tbaker67

    #26 do you see the baby crying in the far right

  • gaydar

    you're not kidding, I think he blew John to get the gig-

  • -J-

    #21 I give it 2 months before she cheats on him.

    • hoss-en-feffer

      she already has J, I'd bet the house on it (either that or she's frigid and likes have a little bitch ginger on a short leash…)

  • Jim

    To the Brother Rider in 35 -36 I know how you feel Good luck on your recovery and keep on Chive'n On

  • Anonymous

    31…..wow thank god for your nerve. Mas porfavor!

  • MidwestChiver

    #20 any idea where this is

  • apg

    #7 It's still a painting, just not on campus. Right?

  • Anonymous

    Thank you #31, thank you.

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