Fit girls on a Friday? Ya don’t say (32 Photos)

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  • Anonymous

    Good Gawd 26!!!

  • StangGT350

    Good Gawd 26!!!!!

  • MonkeyMadness

    #11 I'd hit that, but it looks like she'd hit me back!

  • MonkeyMadness

    #21 Wow, he sure has big tits!

  • LiketheXFit

    Attn: Haters
    The pictures above illustrate what happens when a human being adapts to strength training. I'm willing to bet that none of these women are using any 'anabolic enhancement', they're just religious with their diet. I love it when a women will come to the gym, keep up with, or even beat me at a work-out. I bet if The Chive did a pictorial of women climbers there'd be guys saying that they're too muscular too…get over yourselves. Physicality in a woman is friggin HOT!
    #5, #8, #9, #10, #11

    • mctavish

      i agree but like some people have mentioned there is a fine line. when it is crossed it is not so good. even with guys its not so good. ever look at some of these midsections, they look strange with veins popping out and stuff around the hipbones? that DOES NOT do it for me. it is also not healthy , believe it or not, to have abs so over developed that they pull the spine out of alignment. why is every person who disagrees a hater? these generalized terms are not good as well. if i don't freaking like something I don't like it. the term hater is a shortened form of Playa hater. it should be kept to describe that phenomenon, not every little thing people are decidedly opposed .

      • LiketheXFit

        Fair enough, sir. I withdraw my misuse of the term and respect your right to dislike. The body is more than just a set of abs, though that does seem to be the litmus test of 'fitness' on the visual level, unfortunately. Veins happen when body fat gets low, can't avoid it. If more responses were as thought out and well-worded as yours I don't think I get the visceral reaction that I do to "she's got a dick". Here's to spirited and reasoned discourse!

        • mctavish

          i like your response! not a reactive foolish insult fest. i know most people like that because it takes little time and brain power. regarding these people, i think that women, and i live with one, get a little ocd about their bodies. i feel that fitness is crucial in so many ways and i agree that the abs just one area. i have seen swimmers, rowers and yoga practioners that have the most kick ass bodies. some of the photos reveal just a beautiful level of development. some reveal mental issues. i feel happy for the former and sorry for the latter. thanks for your intelligent response!

      • echogeo

        What hipbones?

    • patov40

      Wait a minute. Fair give and take? Respect for the opinions of others? Compromise? Did I take a wrong turn off The Chive comments page? (Well said fellas!) B)

  • Freddie

    All these 'boxing' chicks, yet I've never seen a decent girl's boxing match (apart from Million Dollar Baby, and we all know how that ended…) I guess they're just there to look good.

    • Lauren

      It's all about the discipline and the fitness and general. At least that's why I do it. Who says you have to compete?

  • MonkeyMadness

    #31 I'd love to play connect the dots with her. ;P

  • hank1231

    #5 has no curves… 😦

  • Jonas Moon

    Los mejores resultados son hechos en casa

  • Arthur

    #8 Mind the gap!!!!!

  • drehgz

    13 is a man, but 20 i need waaay more of

    • drehgz

      #13 #20

  • tomasher

    I don't know, I dig #17 for some reason.

  • JoJoTo

    # 17 Gina Carano xD And # 2

  • dorkfish

    #31 for me please

  • kevowevo

    #1 Why u so angry?

  • bbob

    Death by shattered pelvis sounds fun!

    #21 omgz could crush walnuts with those abs

  • Scott
  • Scott

    BLARRRGGG stupid links… 2, 4, 12, 18, 20, 24, 25, and 31

    As I said above…

    These are the only hot chicks here, the others are either men or too fuckin ugly.

    • patov40

      Still doing it wrong…..:p

  • russel

    #19 fuck yeah, gina carano

  • zombie

    #19 fuck yeah Gina Carano! She's amazing!

  • TheBigKahuna

    yeah, all of em are very fuckable – especially #24

  • DaBox

    I call Man…

  • Justin

    #15, you could bounce a quarter off that ass, and I'd be more than happy to do it.
    #17, fit with big tits. Nice.

  • Ryman

    very nice

  • Oliver Klosov

    #31 FTW

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