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Fit girls on a Friday? Ya don’t say (32 Photos)

  • luis

    n 15 is Maurrem Maggi, from pole vault.

  • Phil Oliver

    Fit chicks are HOT!

  • Ling

    #13 looks like a haggard victoria beckham.

    • Bluto

      "Haggard Victoria Beckham"

      This comment is repetitive.


    #8 #2 #4 #27

  • Ckies

    #28 yeah l was wonderin if you could point me to the nearest gym
    #29 your so beautiful, what nice dumbells you have

  • Dave Angle



  • WakeSurfer

    Whoa…want to go a few rounds with #25

  • Robert

    Ahhh nice… a thread for guys that like guys.. not judging:)

    • Keith

      Not judging, but you want one you can slap around when you get drunk.

  • NebraskaGuy

    #21 and #28 – no thanks!

    The rest – you bet!

    Especially #15 and #25

  • floscar

    #7 Yes please!

    • paulhitchcock

      Aubrie Richeson Faxon. Same as #10.

  • Dalton

    #23 and #27….amazing

  •Лабораториявзрывныхидейонлайн SmashLab

    foto #21 :x:x:'(

  • Dapper_Dave

    #25 It's a little Angel…'s an little Angel straight from heaven.

  • Wesley Dabney


  • macman1987

    Most of these women scare me!

  • patov40

    I counted two "no"s in this gallery. The rest, absolutely beautiful. And, I submitted #32!! If someone else did as well, you obviously have good taste. B)

    • Fat_Maverick

      Through the uprights, IT'S GOOD!!

  • Bless1

    #20- yup.

  • ImpressMe

    #20 FTW….a couple of the others are very nice… Most just look like they want to be guys…whats wrong with being fit and feminine?

  • echogeo

    #15, 18, #20, 24, #25 & 27

  • peanut

    The only girls in this gallery that are NOT sexy as hell are #1 #13 #21 #28 and #30

  • Keith

    ===>> Give us more fit girls! I love the "fit girls" feature.

    Only thing I'd improve would be to try and get more fresh photos and more amateur photos.

    The fit girls are wonderful, but sometimes the re-touching with photoshop is a bit heavy handed.

  • Keith

    Any guy scared of these girls is probably scared cause he's looking for one he can beat up — and even thinking about beating up a girl makes you a wimp.

  • doc

    #8 there is just something very sexy about a strong back & shoulders

  • Karl

    I love them all.
    I guess you guys are hating cause the girls are stronger than you haha.


    Fuck yeah!

  • TDub66

    #21 EEEZEEEE Bro!

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