Hungry fella? (29 photos)

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  • Rose3191

    #8 and #9 made my mouth water. I LOVE mac and cheese!

    • bettingonthecubs

      your avatar is making my mouth water

      • dungydouche

        OOOHHHH man, dude. You're in. Probably going to get laid.

        But seriously, stop kissing the chivette's ass's like you are going to hook up with them or anything remotely close to that.

    • AssClown

      Your avatar is making my penis water

      • Nate

        yea, i want to have sex with rose3191…u game?

    • bubba_earl

      I know, right. And Chive just has to do this on a day that I have to work through my lunch hour. DAMN YOU, LEO!

    • Kodos

      #8 looks SO much better than 9…9 looks..well, fake; artificial.

  • paula is boring

    Paula is played out and boring.

    • Mike

      Yeah. I don't get it. Are we supposed to be mad at Paula? Does anyone care? It's not like her posting first is preventing any of us from enjoying the site. She isn't winning a prize that we can't have. It's weird anti-social behavior that unfortunately points to childhood abuse.

      • Jason

        I really hope she was abused as a child.

    • dungydouche

      She's more entertaining than half of the desperate morons on here using recycled lines that everyone has seen a million times (like a boss, dude….Nailed it, man!…..Epic, dawg….) At least Paula is somewhat creative.

      • Irony

        Saying first must have been a stroke of this creative genius.

      • BIll57

        she is about as creative as a smoldering boulder in the gobi desert

  • shuzzam

    Thanks Chive I'm so hungry now and there's no food in the house. Where's that dominos menu?

  • AssClown

    #7 Cheezus Crust!!!

    • R.C.

      Better than Hump Day…wait!!!

  • Jim

    #4 Epic! Now i'm starving…

    • Hubert Cumberdale

      WAS epic… til I saw the pickel! why pickel!?!?!

  • bettingonthecubs

    not cool chive…not cool

  • newscot

    That burger in #1 looks soooo good right now…. Anyone know where it's from?

    • PaulT

      Lunchbox Laboratory in Seattle, Wa

    • magnaxviii

      Lunchbox Labratory in Seattle.

    • TuffGuy

      Lunchbox Laboratory in Seattle. I was gonna say that. I was gonna say that.

    • ctr

      Thanks for confirming what I thought, I eat there every now and then with some friends for lunch. Never have I had that burger though! I usually get the triple sampler.

  • AssClown

    Thought you like strap-on blade penises…in the bunghole

    • Paula_

      I do! Not in MY bunghole though!

      Care for a free drink?

      – the one you love to hate

      • AssClown

        Nah don't like rohypnol…

        • Paula_

          Right! Baseball bat it is!

          – the one you love to hate

          • damn u

            didn't we throw u in the fire? What's it going to take?!?

        • Paula_

          BTW you're really something. Before you nobody EVER asked for seconds after waking up from a roofie. You're quite the clown but I guess you've learned.
          BTW did you know John wore your shoes in yesterday's DAR?

          – the one you love to hate

          • STB

            Who is this Paula and why does anyone give a fuck?

            • Obama

              I don't know you asked the question so there for you obviously do, you tell us.

  • Chuck

    Well, I am now……

  • Ha!

    Ugh, so annoying, go fist yourself.

    • BIll57

      she likes that waaaaayyy t5oo much

  • weldsoft

    #3 is quite the salad… For when you want to trick yourself into thinking you're not over eating.

    • BIll57

      I want one now where can I get this salad

  • blackheimdall

    Just in time for lunch!!!

  • MatadorPride

    This post would be way better if you had Chivettes eating some of this food. With side-bewbage.

    • weldsoft

      I'm sure you meant Chivettes with a side of bewbage.

      • MatadorPride

        Well played, sir.

  • 123

    So powder based Mac-n Cheese out of a kraft box is supposed to make my mouth water? Yuck.

  • TeSpecialChiver

    I am going to need my special knife for tis one #8

  • GBread

    I like breasts

    • newscot


  • Coldzilla

    ** looks at salad sitting on the desk **

    Phuck =/

    • patov40

      Salad and grilled chicken for dinner tonight. FML!!!! :@

  • Mcfly707

    You need to post these AFTER lunch. You're killing me here.

  • Brandon Brookens

    i wasnt before i saw this

  • Mick

    Chive, you're a dick. Now I'm hungry.

  • Tyrone Shulaces

    #12 How dare they hold the jalapeno's on the Chili's texas cheese fries! (Sad that I know that)

    • SweetAwesomeness

      dont worry brother….i also noticed immediately…and also just as upset at the injustice that is no jalapenos on those fries

  • The Pict

    No picture of a double-double from In-N-Out? You are now officially banned from Venice Beach unless you rectify the situation immediately.

  • Holy Hell

    Simple and awesome.

  • Timis

    #29 I think I just threw up in my mouth a little

    • dungydouche

      Only in 'Merica. In Europe, they put it on toast. We put it between two chocolate chip fucking cookies.

    • Master_Rahl

      I must be demented… but that looks like it's worth trying, to me. Nutella and chocolate chip cookies, a pairing of pure evil.

  • DragonFart

    thanks again Chive, you magnificent bastards…i'll be gaining at least 5 lbs this weekend because of this!

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