Hungry fella? (29 photos)

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  • .Krookz

    We're such horrible eaters here in the states… but damn does it taste good!

  • Giggi

    Food Porn. Nom Nom Nom…ahhhh

  • Mandy Neal

    #4 want. so. bad. Will have to make for dinner tonight!!

  • The_Dood

    #19 is like every meal of the day rolled into one, but they forgot supper… There needs to be about 3-5 cans/bottles of beer in the shot too.

  • soda pop

    Taking a page from THEBERRY and having a food post?

  • Dudemeister

    I just like the Ace Ventura reference

  • The JK


    Now I'm hungry.

  • davey

    Did make me hungry!
    Chive on~

  • HillBilly Bone

    No doubt I need something to fill the emptied hole after that Bieber post. #1 will do.

  • ChiverMeTimbers

    #4 The pickle looks like a Skull!! ARRRG PIRATE NACHO PIZZA

    • Theandy

      cheeseburger, yo.

  • bkfrijoles

    #1 OH God now thats man food

  • Joe

    What the hell was #19 and why is it not inside me?

  • falacer

    Gdamnitalltohell sooo hungry and both kids asleep so cant leave for foods!

    Your killin me here Chive!!

  • RKan

    Does anyone else think that #10 and #14 are both great examples of horrible pizza?? Maybe that's what's considered good 'za in LA, but not in CT.

  • Keep_Floatin

    Thought it said this pot is making me hungry. lol

  • RatedR401

    Hungry Fella? There ya go!

  • TheAndy

    #27 Abbott's representing Rochester, NY!

  • Nick

    Abbott's is AMAZING, that and a garbage bowl, and I'll be set for a few days

  • @ilikedthatb4u

    "Fuck you Ni**a!"

  • Sick

    My cholesterol went up while looking at this post

  • gutterville

    YOU BASTARDS im on a diet

  • clal

    #12 and #17

    Thank you for illustrating the awesome-ness of bacon cheddar cheese fries…with ranch. 😀

  • Anthony

    I want ALL of it!

  • Alex Clarke

    Other than #26 I would eat any of that.. But this gallery has made me put on weight just by viewing it

  • drewggles

    y did i smoke before i went onto theChive today??

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