• jayman

    probably executed after that one…

  • http://www.cricket-365.tv/ Live Cricket

    LOl. How did he manage to do that? hehe

  • wyfair

    Why did he get a yellow card?!

    • William

      When u take a penalty youre not allowed to stop all the way during the course of the kick and he did, hence the yellow card

  • defaultuser

    Everyone who's commenting on the fact that it supposed to be one fluid motion is correct but I think the hesitation on his end came because he noticed the keeper left the goal line before the ball was kicked.

  • MacNCheesePro


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    […] FRIENDS AND PARTNERS Sep 16 SOCCAR FANS HERE U GOO Worst Penalty Kick Ever Video : theCHIVEundefined […]

  • Coldzilla

    What do you expect – its SOCCER

  • Sadam Bin Laden

    Allah Akbar! Allah Akbar!!

  • WareDerek

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  • Stupidchiv

    I’m done with fucking chive all I keep getting is stupid advertisements

  • IronBound19

    One word…. Soccer.

  • hoss-en-feffer

    even the goalie felt bad 4 him…

  • C.A.

    He was in it for the lulz.

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    some more incredible photos go to
    thank you

  • rossy

    he'll probably get signed for celtic or rangers now,no where else for him to go

  • http://www.cricweblive.com John Will

    Actually he was going for the ball, but he kicked the ground instead. But he thought it was too late to back up and make a try again that's why he tried to follow through and lost his balance, and fell down.

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