Soooo…. you got wasted (28 Photos)

  • patov40

    First my fellow faggots !

    • Randall Gallegos

      That is such a horrifying word. Must we be so mean. Can't we all just get along.

      • Rodney King

        Can't we all just get along. Yo keep drinking and FUCK THE POLICE.

        • Randall Gallegos

          Don't say that about cops, There's something sexy about a man in uniform.
          just saying, not that I like that sort of thing,(wink-wink).

    • patov40

      *Rolls eyes* To clown or not to clown, that is the question. I choose not. Buh bye. :*

  • Charles

    Alcohol… making weekends fun since 1872.

    • BIll57

      making weekends fun since 1250 B.C. where have you been?

    • ....

      alcohol have been around about 9000 years ago…..

  • truthisgrt

    #12 and #22 Your average chivers.

    • jaynecobb2

      so I take it that you are #12

      • AssClown

        Or #17

      • ebits21


  • TylerV

    #2 Someone has to hold that fence up

  • restoftheworld

    Hey chivers ,dont bother commenting if you`re gonna say the same dumb shit again and again.



      • THIS IS MADNESS!!!


        • THIS IS MADNESS!!!


          • Dumb chiver

            Find Her ! (so that i can stalk her)

    • NaNaNaMatmaN

      your doing it right

      • THIS IS MADNESS!!!

        You're doing it wrong

        • willypguts

          SEEMS LEGIT

    • Dan

      nom nom nom nom

    • Navin R. Johnson

      dont taze me bro

    • Jen

      wow….a lot of the "same" comments, huh?


    I like it when I pass out and my black BF takes care of me and I wake up real sore. It just makes me happy in the morning.

    • Guesty

      What are you 8 years old. Go back to school and come back when you've grown.

    • BIll57

      young lady if you are one you have a problem see a therapist quick

      • THIS IS MADNESS!!!

        Lady, Lady, Who the hell are you calling a lady. I'm all MALE.

        • BIll57

          okie dolkie

          • BIll57

            should i off myself? what do you think chivers?

  • MrAliasMan

    #1 I'd most likely kick my legs out hoping to break something. That would tick me off so much. hahaha

  • RandomScreen

    #1 #2
    Golden Showers – I see what you did there.

  • The Seagull

    Am sorry for giving you Gonorrhea Lauren ,we should have used protection.

    • Terry Burke

      SEAGULL, When i find you i'm gona kill you, chop off your head, stuff it and ware it on my gold chain.
      you hear me.

      • Hide Salami

        you ware stuff on your gold chain?

        • Randall Gallegos

          I hide the salami also but i don't ware gold chains. I find them grotesque.

          • Khaqan J

            Its WEAR :p

  • AssClown

    #13 Alcohol – making girls experiment lesbianism since 1872. Not complaining though…

    • BIll57

      what 1872? you mean 1872 B.C. right?

      • grassroots

        According to Ali G, its 'Feminism'

    • hMMMM

      what's with the year 1872 today?

  • Honk

    I would like to see the expression on the parents' faces of these kids. My son…. My son is a terrible drinker….

  • Iam_Dave

    Toilet head plant. Nice!
    Where did ya put the beer bottle..what…wine bottle!!
    Naughty girls. 🙂

  • Randall Gallegos

    #17 omg that's me. I made it on the chive finally.that's me having an exquisite drink, 1932 I believe

    • xXbeermonkeyXx

      pics or it didnt happen

      • fibonacci5150

        that will be quite unnecessary

        • Skeletor

          It's actually a "Bob Marley" a Jamaican Specialty drink. Also He's doing it wrong, you are supposed to drink it from the bottom up using a straw. if not all you taste is overproof rum.

  • 1ch3nt31

    #16 The chive beer pong team!!!!!!

    • Jen


  • Backslash

    #27…. Damn it, Naval Academy's finest…. -__-

    • itsjustme

      yepp, at least he found a trash can instead of smelling up dta

    • Glenn

      I was like that after my Yougster year as well.

      • Glenn


  • Agnew

    #9 At first I thought his head was bleeding and I laughed.

  • Andy

    cool story bro

    • Randall Gallegos

      Well done

      • AssClown

        I like because boobs.

        • Awesome


          • Christopher Huddleston


            • BIll57

              kill it with fire

              • Randall Gallegos

                WHOOP there it is.

                • THIS IS MADNESS!!!

                  You made my day

                  • Stevo


                    • James

                      u mad bro?

                    • willypguts


                    • The pict


                    • Lawndart

                      They see me Trollin'. They hatin'.

                    • Duthty Rhodths

                      saw it on reddit yesterday.

    • poop


    • homo


      • poop homo

        homo poop

        • homo poop

          poop homo

          • BIll57


  • takens05

    #19 bet he ate to much 'chocolate rain'

  • Agnew

    #21 Scorpion

    • Broseph Stalin


  • Kyle

    #28 Stay drunk, my friends

    • Mokuseitora

      Owl wins!

    • @ABQLifer

      Even his cardboard cutout gets laid

  • Average Chiver

    If anybody says anything against thechive or its members am gonna throw a bitch fit !
    This website is my life ! ❤

    • BIll57

      please stop coming to the site, or just browse in quiet shame. you're obviously helplessly addicted, but ashamed of it for some reason.

  • Terry Burke

    I have a tiny penis.

    • LG<>

      That's why I'll never give you my pussy.

    • Randall Gallegos

      It's okay to have a tiny penis. It's not the end of the world. What I like to do is have my partner finger me back their very hard so that i forget my size inadequacy (that means I'm hung like a hamster). Speaking of hamsters………nevermind.

  • Paula_

    (Hit the road Mac and don't you come back no more, no more, no more, no more.)
    (Hit the road Mac and don't you come back no more.)
    What you say?
    (Hit the road Mac and don't you come Chive no more, no more, no more, no more.)
    (Hit the road Mac and don't you come Chive no more.)

    Woah Maccie oh Maccie, don't treat me so mean,
    You're the meanest old Admin that I've ever seen.
    I guess if you say so
    My comment has to go (That's right)

    – #24 what, the Berry turned 2 or what?

    • BIll57

      go back to the berry bitch I mean paula and stay there

    • NebraskaGuy

      Well I gotta admit, that's an original post … sorta 😉

      • BIll57

        ya but it took all day and last night to write it

        • NebraskaGuy

          But it's Paula, after all … and it's expected 😉

          • BIll57


            • BIll57

              I gotta say, Paula's is starting to grow on me…i find him/her funny, at the very least entertaining. keep up the good work!

  • Guesty

    #22 Im just glad I didnt wear my pink thong that night

    • its_forge

      You are wrong asshole ,that`s me !

      • Randall Gallegos

        Did somebody say ASSHOLE. Ups nevermind, Must read first.

        • BIll57

          actually, this was the hot piece i took back from the bar last weekend. unfortunately, he didn't handle the roofie too well.

  • Colin

    #19! Yea yea! posted 4 times on the chive now. apparently i have interesting friends…

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