Tattoos so ridiculous you almost have to love ’em (32 Photos)

  • Bob

    #26 boobs shoud be tattooless

    • Chris

      and shirtless

  • sooper yooper

    my buddy got limecat on his side, he should have been on this list

  • Taylord

    #21 you’re******

    • Mike


  • Alister

    #23. what a fucking terrible job. #13 however is quite cool…i'm missing a toe due to a motorocycle accident, that might be an interesting thing to get done on my foot…

    • Zoso

      Why would you want a tatoo of a mouse holding a finger on your foot missing a toe?

  • Lolita

    I loove #5 and #31. They are not crazy at all.

  • Mike

    #1 Hey… Nice rack.

  • MonkeyMadness

    #14 People should hav to pass an intelligence test before getting tattoos. And reproducing!

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  • Kathy49601

    I laughed and laughed at #6…

  • Kathy49601

    I mea at #13…#6 is dumb as hell…

  • Suri

    Fucking idiots

  • John_Robert

    Time flies when your havin rum. What is that? A play on words with havin fun? Does not make much sense, so what you have is a sad tattoo AND bad grammar.
    You are = You're.
    You are IS NOT your.
    Your is something that belongs to you.

  • the stuff .com

    I always said people are idiots

  • pete

    my friend has a verrrrry similar tattoo to number 12.

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  • Pu6elist

    Is #1 Dwight's relative/prototype? 🙂

  • Bret

    #1, with this big Bad Buck Tat, I am certian Mary Lou will take me downand Fuck Me In the Mud! What A FuckWad! DoucheBag!

  • Mica Olivas

    #29 actually has some great shading…

    • Roxy

      it looks 3-D, that's what makes me like this one. It may be a stupid tattoo, but it is awesome work.

  • Ray

    The person with the nickleback tattoo should consider suicide.

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  • Steven Contreras

    haha i love the pac man one thats just epic!

  • BuckAustin

    #2 – is that the dude from Nsync??

    #16 – as a Canadian, I am ashamed.

    #31 – Gambit's collateral danage

  • Christine V

    #1 is my cousin!! hahahaha

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  • Kory197

    #16…. kill yourself

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