• patov40

    Real patov40 = Winner cat. Troll clone patov40 = bitch-smacked pussy. 😛

  • boatdrinks4u2

    chlen fight!

  • Huston Smith

    He didn't even want the spot. He just wanted to piss that other cat off. True cat style, right there.

  • Pull!!

    Where is a good dog when you need him?

  • northerner

    It worked in Firefox fine for me. Nasty cats! Rowr! Spit! Slash!

  • Coldzilla

    Reason #1,279 why dogs rule

  • Soft Taco Juice

    He moves like an AGENT! He IS the one.

  • Zero00430

    Bitch, you got jacked bitch.

  • skylarrr

    Dude, I just laughed my ass off…and the slow motion wasn't helping much either xD

  • Jahangir

    Super fast cat, waited for the right moment.

  • SuperDanMan4290

    Dang!!..that was hilarious!!…It reminded me of EVO Moment #37…. Justin Wong vs Daigo

  • BIll57

    speed and timing always carry the day

  • bohmj

    Anderson the kitty Silva.

  • fuckcats

    cats are stupid

  • Russell

    For about a week or two I could resend these great CHIVE videos and pix to friends and they were appreciated. But now CHIVE has pulled this feature and no more joy. What's the big idea?

  • joey

    nice cats!

  • guy

    beast mode!

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