Your dress… it’s really tight (29 Photos)

  • walt

    #29 find her an lemme at her!

  • Marcis2

    #7 #9 and #20 WOW

  • Supafly


  • captainpancakes

    #16 moar!

  • Earl

    As long as you have the body to ROCK the dress, who caes how tight.

  • McFly

    #4 Oh hell ya!

  • Lost In Translation

    When you look like these ladies your dress is never too tight.

  • Turtle47

    #19 is a great photo…

    So *hard* to pick a favorite!

  • Mike


  • B-Jammin

    #3 One of my favs. Posted before but u can post her again, and again, and again!!!
    #4 My dear those legs must go str8 to heaven because that ass is out of this world!!!!
    #23 A killer smile with killer curves…..Priceless!!!!
    #24 oh Vanessa….What I wldnt do………!!!!
    #29 I wld kill to see the rest of that ass!!!!

  • B-Jammin

    Can we please have MOAR of #4? Pretty Please!!!!!

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  • Heelboy

    #23. What is that dress made of, duct tape? If so, it's gonna hurt comin off! Besides some killer tight dresses, there are a number of great CFMP's (Come F— Me Pumps) that go with them!

  • @Lou_bellamy

    #24 F**k you Zack effron
    #25… niiiiice!

  • bambam

    #22 MOAR please.

  • @trueamericanm21

    #4 Very nice #20 Good Lord. You are drop dead Gorgeous

  • Ireint


    So Hawt!!

    MOAR PLEASE.!!!!

  • Khaqan J

    With smiles like those they might as well pull anything off & still succeed 🙂

  • Funky

    Who is No 1 she needs to be found!!!!!

  • rossy

    #10 bend over and grab the top stair

  • rossy

    #20 holy shit who is she please find her

  • daily chiver

    hell yes, more angles of #25

  • 'berto

    #6 FTMFW: I love the totally natural look, and the lace is incredible.

  • CDN

    #29 – if you look closely, there is a support for her ass to lift it so her ass may or may not be nice. Need to see a pic without the support.

  • because you asked

    #1 is little caprice, a porn star

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