Dinner for one (19 Photos)

  • Captain Ahab


    • Dick Salad

      Too much work for a fuckin samich

      • sixdeadelves

        get some one else to make it. but quickly

  • elwood

    you sprout 3 extra chest hairs after consumption

  • um_yeah

    your doing it right!

    • WhoDaCapFits

      YOU'RE not spelling "your" right.

    • Dick Salad

      yellow tail wine, rum, a gun, and grandmas fine walmart dynasty 1973 china… someones trying too hard

  • mark

    thanks, chive. still an hour to lunch on the west coast and the brown bag in the company fridge holds no treasure


    • jabitt1

      Guy must have a small cock. Seriously, what is the point of the gun?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000008031068 Trevor Hurley

    I guess the gun is for suicide before you crap that all out

  • not a frenchman


    John is on a tear today, Russian Club girls, an oily gay boy, steak n' gun sammiches… Welcome to the chive I guess

    • Birdhaus32

      I just love that the guy drinks out of a mason jar

    • Edwardo

      Don't forget the stupid wooden snake with the hermaphrodite kid

    • W*I34u

      thanks, but i'm already used to how much this site sucks.

  • Pull!!

    Time for Lunch!!

  • Yep!

    #19 WTF is with the revolver on the counter. Is that so off your self because you didn't have a woman do it?

    • OGMrWhite

      its definitely the cork screw

      • nate

        seems like a very huge and unnecessary cork screw

      • SenorWilson

        A cork screw without some kind of helix on it? I don't think so. The brass casing is also unnecessarily large. Just a weird picture.

        • Cletus

          Plus Yellow Tail is shitty wine.

  • Holy Hell

    Seems like more effort and time than worthy.

    • numb

      no shit, looks like a Portillio's run to me is better. He'd also save some cash to buy a better wine….

  • Baboocole

    Can anyone tell what the two cuts of meat are that he uses? I am planning on making Italian Beef this weekend and this recipe looks awesome.

    • http://www.last.fm/user/mutiilator Brand_n

      Not sure about the first one (some sort of roast), but the label on the second one says "beef neck bones". My favourite…

      • listenlady

        looks like an eye of round roast.

    • Verbal_Kint

      It looks like a top round or sirloin tip roast.

      • Sundevils10

        Bottom Round is the best…it has more fat on the meat

  • Phil McKrakin

    Ah Chive, what the fuck is wrong with you today? That's a damn good sandwich but fuck! I come on to the Chive to procrastinate, not get hungry when I can't eat for another 4 hours!

    • int

      I second that

  • ss396maxx

    Okay I'm lost! Lets recap shall we ….. Gay post with the geek, then a post with some (maybe) poor choice and or bad timing pictures (USS Cole, Air Show crash) then on to a solid Burn Your Bra post back to a kinda gay post about a stick/snake and right back to kind of cool post about the hotel and northern lights but only to end up on the food network post (with a handgun no less????). What gives?

    • Captnjack

      Aside from the geek/model guy, i think it's been a pretty solid day for the chive..

    • That Guy

      dude you just described a typical day on the chive. all you are missing is the second sexy post, a vid, news that matters the DAR. complete day. if you don't get it now.. you won't get it ever.

      • Tshelts

        No, this is actually a pretty weak day on theChive (admittedly, I have high expectations). I am waiting for the prank to be revealed.

        • Birdhaus32

          Other than the gay, oiled up, tweek of a nerd this has definitely been a normal day so I doubt a prank is coming at all.

    • dalozo

      dont be a dick. dick. damn

    • Cruzer117

      Get informed you idiot its not a a crash at USS Cole, air show , its in alberta canada . And i know what i am talking about i worked on that plane.

    • ss396maxx

      Wow if anyone needs to be informed it's Cruzer117! I never said it's a crash AT the USS Cole! 99% of the people that read my post understood that I was talking about the picture of the USS Cole. About the plane crash I was saying that the TIMING might be too soon (to be showing a picture of a plane crash). A little advice …. I wouldn't be broadcasting that you worked on that plane like it's some kind of acomplishment (you know …given the state the plane is in today)… just sayin'

  • 123

    I see the meat in the sammich, but what happened to the other 2 pounds of meat you cooked?

  • ThornyDevil

    I'll be trying this soon (TM)

  • Anonymous

    the gun is weird.

  • jakubwrobel

    Get rid of the nasty wine and it's a hit.

    • CheddarBob

      *bring on the 40 ounces*

    • its_forge

      The wine is crap and the rum is boring. You want to go cheap get Rex Goliath, at least it's drinkable, and get your rum from St. Croix where they know how to make it.

  • http://theflintskinny.blogspot.com/ TheFlintSkinny

    Where'd the rest of the meat go? That sandwich clearly doesn't have all 2+ lbs that he cooked.

  • newscot

    So the alcohol is to numb the pain, and the gun is to end the lonliness?

    • numb

      its his "last supper"


    #19 Thats what i wanna do, get drunk and shoot myself …i just ate a crappy ham and cheese

  • Iam_Dave

    mmmmmmmmmmm …good

  • kRam

    That's some Chi-town beef!

  • DoomsDayDub

    #17 – the huge chunks of pepper ruined it. Should have julienned them, duh!

    • Birdhaus32

      And what he fuck kind of pants is that dude wearing?!

    • Chiver

      It's his sandwich, let him do it however fuck he wants, you didn't spare a nickel on it!!

  • tom

    Sorry, way to much work for that. Not to sound like a dick but I could make better in less time.

  • doublemeat


  • greasdupdeafguy

    dinner for one… the guy has a gun for an unexplained reason… should someone call the police and make sure this guy is ok?

    • dungydouche

      No, I'm sure he's fine.

      • Sol

        i hope not.

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