Geek loses job, decides to change his life (11 Photos)

After LJ lost his job he became destitute. Until one day an old University chum found him hungry and 'way too thin.' The friend got him some food, loaned LJ his Alfa Romeo for a year, and gave LJ some advice which seemed strange at the time, "You're already highly educated. Now put on mass."

So he did.

  • Dennis

    Not to self NEVER drive an alfa Romeo might turn gay and start wearing pink panties.

  • lolz

    he asked him to become a gay fairy…so he did

  • chong

    must be fake

  • Dude

    Should be on TheBerry. I regret clicking. 😐

  • Ryan Mauer

    Chive. What the fuck? Please explain this faggot tree.

  • Renee

    …..and now his new job is being a douchebag.

  • headless

    i dont believe this for second

  • Demmitri

    This is not only NSFW, but i did open at work, and now people think i am gay.

  • Awesome

    This was awesome. The Chivers who have complained don't realize this probably has more comments and Thumbs Ups & Downs than any other post in a long time. Great post. That's some real Andy Kaufman shit right there.

  • Larsy From-Marsy

    Um…. And the moral?

  • Rob


  • Steven

    Gayest fuckin post ever, you guys put more and more faggy shit on here every week

  • Patrick

    This makes me sad

  • Nícolas Affonso

    I don't see what you did there

  • hannah

    Wait…thats not the same guy…really?

  • Rpgplayer34

    Ohh god, number # makes him look like Justin Beiber, Ohh god I just feel so bad for this guy x,x

  • PTgoBoom!

    C'mon guys! If you're going to try to post beef-cake, post some good beef-cake. This guy is…creepy. Too tan, too processed, too much. & his package is weird in picture # 10.

  • A2_tha_MFK

    So he lost his job, got given a gay car and became gay ??

  • Eduardo Retardo

    Cool story bro!

  • Lisa Coleman

    So it's ok to have FLBP and soft porn on the DAR on The Chive but it's not ok to have a hot bloke on The Chive? Chive isn't just for men. Chive endorses Chivettes…. you just want it your way or no way. The only comments ever made in the DAR are about boobs and bums. Randomness is turning into FAP town.

  • Nevenem

    #11 find her! and photobomb!

  • Mir

    So he became a douche who leaps around in white pants?

  • Chesty Laroo

    Read a story about a guy turning his life around, was just pictures of his oiled body in an eel hammock…not sure if post is gay, or if missing a troll face.

  • Weenis

    I like how this one gets the most views, about a geek losing his job and getting a new life O.O

  • Bobo

    sooo he became gay?

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