Geek loses job, decides to change his life (11 Photos)

After LJ lost his job he became destitute. Until one day an old University chum found him hungry and 'way too thin.' The friend got him some food, loaned LJ his Alfa Romeo for a year, and gave LJ some advice which seemed strange at the time, "You're already highly educated. Now put on mass."

So he did.

  • I4froid

    First fat chicks now this…wtf is happening? Has there been some personal changes in the editing dept? Your heading down an ugly path chive.

  • Treneuf

    #1-11 not cool, rather look at girl with a branch

  • numb

    WHAT the HELL Chive, did you lose your Man-card prior to this post..?… I need sexy CHIVETTE's.

  • Isaiah

    I'm in the food court over at my university with friends and they know how awesome this site is. Sadly, this crap made them think twice because we were all hoping this mofo got some tang and took pictures of it somehow.

    Unfortunately, we were all trolled.

  • Eddy

    AHHHH, my straight male eyes. It burns. It BURNS. Make it go away. Make it go away. Or put it on the They will love this.

  • SSpiro

    Can you warn a brotha first before posting this shit?

  • Steve

    soooo… he went into gay porn?

  • Dan Hewett

    so he decided to come out of the closet?

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