• Um_Yeah

    In Soviet Russia, Space station orbit you!

    • The_Dood

      I reserve use of the word epic for situations like this. You sir have earned yourself an epic fail.

    • Preston

      Good you're dumb

      • Coldzilla


        I LOVE Irony!

    • dungydouche

      In Soviet Russia, people know when to stop using old, worn, beaten down lines.

  • misfits

    every glowing dot down there is a mc donalds right?

    • gamechild

      almost, some of them are BKs and KFCs…

  • Brian

    Mind is now blown

  • Stunt_R


    • The_Dood

      Yeah, I figured someone would've already beaten me to it.

  • Logan

    following that lightnign storm around the globe was AWESOME!!!!!

  • Michaelangelo

    Seriously though, does anyone know what the bright glowing yellow dots are? They wouldn't be city lights would they?

    • Ahnold

      yes they are

    • porcelain

      They are city lights.

    • beat rice

      yes, they are the lights from cities

    • SenorWilson

      Pretty sure those are spot lights set up by alien invaders to assist in the hostile takeover of our planet. Because they wouldn't be city lights would they?

    • Fernando

      no, they are 15 giant firefly taking control of russia

  • dpitty


    • Obama4Lyfe

      Totally. The whole manned space program is faked.

    • turbodude

      your guitar is fake

  • coulditbe

    its like a big katy perry dance party down there

  • Zedhere

    What if you were HIGH on the space station?

    • amanda

      have you ever been to space … on weed?

    • beat rice

      You'd get like double high cause you wouldn't have the earths protective atmosphere to block out the space rays and it would like triple your high

    • Dan


    • Chris

      You would be able to pack the bowl man it'd float away and how would the lighter work

      • Chris

        FFS wouldn't

  • Gilla mutt

    I hope to be in space before i die

    • GhostOfCaesar

      I hope to be in space WHEN I die.

    • GOD

      Hurry up, you are due in two weeks.

  • Can Öktem

    Awesome? Yes. I wish to be in space now.

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    i have the weirdest boner right now….

  • CharlesChared

    Fix the piece of shit site, if I get that cant find page error one more time, Im gonna bitch slap all u nerds

    • turbodude

      I have never had a problem with this "piece of shit site" as you so so maturely call it. Fix your ten year old lap top Charley

      • Guy That Knows Stuff

        HAHA…..Charles is a Douche! Never had a problem been surfin this sitr for over a year….not once have i experinced this mythical error page you speak of….Douche…..ohh and i bet you dont slap nobody….Cuz ur a well….u know a Douche!!

        • kashakesh

          dude… your misspelling of 'site' above had me suddenly thinkg of a surfing sitar. so, i searched for that on youtube. I found these two badasses:

          ==> far out and right on man.

    • jonathan

      my buddy and i are both getting that message too.

  • I.Glove… If you like to star gaze this is worth it.

  • Iam_Dave

    That is so frickin cool!
    I love it!

  • Dolfan0925

    Anybody else humming the flight song from Final Fantasy II?

    • andfukyamoms

      nah we like to fuck girls

  • Lokobo

    I don't care what martian overlord Klekktor Vog Gnuret says, Earth is awesome. And so are humans, I mean, they have tits!

  • Scotsman

    Anyone else think all those light look like lava flows?
    One does not simply orbit over Mordor!!

    • dungydouche

      I like how you had to preface your little joke for it to make any sense.

  • floscar


  • acadea

    FIRST !!1

    • Ilya Josefson

      Epic fail.

  • Master_Rahl

    Pretty frickin' epic. The sunrise at the end of the shot seemed a little apocalyptic. I assume that wasn't the last thing the cameras captured just prior to the fiery ball of death? Makes me want to renew that plan of becoming an astronaut when I grow up…

  • Larry

    I want to know what line it took, I mean, where it was passing over

  • Tid101

    It looks like it's going north to south kinda along the west coast of north America and south America. The big blob of light on the right @:14 is Los Angeles, then Baja California, @ :28 is Mexico City, central America, Peru, then finishing at the southern part of Chile.

    • Fernando

      yes i see it too

  • Tim Brown

    Was pretty sweet. Kinda puts you in perspective.

  • Moke

    I couldn’t figure out where it was, how come the country’s aren’t color coded like on a map?

    • Fernando

      its from north america to south america, in the 16 seconds the bright lights at right is los angeles, at left is phoenix and tucson

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