Russian night clubs and the women that love them (36 Photos)

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  • jeremy

    #8 WAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY too much forehead. A little too much Chernobyl in that gene pool.

  • Rusty_Dreams

    #20 Like America used to be before most of the girls and women started getting fat. I know, I know, most guys are fat too. But I don't look at guys.

    Thanks for theChive. I can see gorgeous Chivettes here to clear my mind of all the fat girls I see "out there" everyday.

  • John_Robert

    Some are just beautiful. Others, be very careful, they rely on the room being very dark.
    27 29 34 36 make me want to learn Russian and go to Russia. Wow!!

  • nizam

    Wooooooooooooow russians girls beutiiiiiies man realy smoking hot

  • Marcis2

    #20 and #27 Order please!

  • @chappie308

    i just love russians

    Chive on, all the way from SOUTH AFRICA

  • justanothercanadian


  • ar tee

    #27 & #35
    Can you please find these two awesome women and give us more info about them?? WOW!!!

  • Newbie

    #35 Find her!

  • DaBears

    Sorry. I meant "way too hot to be American".

  • lari

    #23 should really take a lesson from #27 on every level

  • name

    they all look russian..

  • numb

    #2 tops them all. so nice in so many ways.

  • egotr

    its so sad that one of this girls is a transexual… try better next time chive!

    • numb

      #15 bet you're correct.

  • Anonymous

    Note to self. Visit Russia

  • Admiral Akbar
  • rossy

    #27 very nice the best one out of them all

  • Muadieb

    #13 #17 #27 One of each please.

  • shotime122

    #9 Well Hello, Comrade DOUCHE!!!!

  • Cameron

    # 23 – AP Roo watch $100k plus.

  • wztarheel

    #20 I like were this is going.

  • Angilina Rani

    3 hottest photos of Hollywood celebs if u want to c
    plz go to

  • bill

    not bad.nothing beats usa babes.

  • John

    If #8 ever comes up on, sold!

  • Edaea_Sinid

    #35 Lose the smoking! The same way women don't like kissing chimneys, men don't too…

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