The C-5 Galaxy is freaking huge (25 HQ Photos)

  • BIll57

    it is an amazingly huge aircraft I have been in one at an airshow. very impressive

  • NeoDra

    it looks like a shark so much

  • Kodos

    The Aluminum Cloud..

    Well, hello there!

  • Maynard B.

    Yes, the Galaxy is very impressive, but the Soviets had us beat with the Antonov 225. It landed here in CT once shortly after Chernobyl. They came over to get supplies from us. That bird was about 30% larger, six turbofan engines, twins tails.

    • Kodos

      True, but Mirya is a one-of-a-kind freak

    • Rick

      I did a post on it about a year ago, I have some new photos on it that I may use for a future post

  • Raph

    you really have to see it to have a real appreciation of how huge this thing is. flew in one accross the atlantic, smoothest landing i've ever experienced

  • paul

    #10 OMG, I want that red car

    • Dennis

      I have some news for you…

  • UW Husky

    There is no way all those people are going to fit into that plane at the same time. #16

  • Dan

    Flew in one with our helicopters from Ft. Drum, NY (Griffiss AFB) to Fla. in 92'. Pretty awesome ride.

  • DUB- V Mountie

    Most of these pictures are from the 167th Airlift Guard which is about 5 minutes from my house. You wanna talk about loud…..

  • boatless

    #7 nice pantie shot

  • Tyler

    Who is #7

  • Damianus smith

    Nice Photo of Aeroplane and Nice Picture of Sexy Girl.

  • Damianus smith

    Nice Photo of Aeroplane and Nice Picture of Sexy Girl.

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  • woody

    Donno what arroused me more, the C5 or the girls. Damn I heard of variety but those pictures threw me a curve ball.

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