It’s true, not all animals suck (30 Photos)

  • Todd_A

    #4 – By the time he goes to make his move, she'll be legal, so……. not creepy..

    • snowbird

      Spamfail. Back to the kitchen for you Leslie

  • AngryBrownAsianMan

    #27 That's a big cock

    • Question

      I thought Asian men and women were "Yellow"? Also, why are you angry is it because you write stupid comments concerning a Roster?

      Change your name to AnnoyedYellowAsianGuyWithLameComments

      • guy out the window

        really? did you know that irak and the surrounding countries, including india are actually in asia?

    • RGH

      I don't think the ladies are impressed by his new kicks.

    • Guest Login

      What, really.. nothing about the cock of the wok?

    • Sovem

      You know what they say about big feet…

  • nate

    4. De Sloth.

  • Azem Islami

    #12 made my morning 😀
    #3 ❤

    • Azem Islami

      #14, not 12 :<

  • tommybhoy

    #7 Oh No…here comes the CLAW!!!

    • D.j. Droneburg

      Liar Liar reference perhaps? If so 1 point to tommybhoy

    • NDalton

      The ether was wearing off. The acid was long gone. But the mescaline was running strong.

    • james

      Not "Craw," "CRAW!" Think Maxwell Smart

  • DutchChiveFan

    #17 Job well done, now lets get some rest xD

    • LoTekGuru

      My work here…. is done.

  • Nevenem

    #30 ouuuu, yeeees, that's the spot… noooooooooo!

    • ph9

      it's funny because he's fat

      • denleendeko

        Your comment is funny because it's true

        • Alex

          Your comment is funny because it states the obvious.

          • Scotty

            Your comment is funny because it follows the structure of the previous comments

    • OhSomeEvil

      adorable fat cat 😀

  • ThornyDevil

    Don't move, its vision is bast on movement!

    • saucypants


      • eddie


        • D.j. Droneburg


          • eLad


            • Drew Bolden


  • shanemcguire88

    #16 a classic pwn

    • Oooops

      I bet the penguin LOL'd

  • Iam_Dave

    He'd be struttin, with his new shoes. " you bitches, these are Nike, yea thats right, come get some"

    • jaynecobb2

      first you had puss in boots. Now you have Cock in shoes

  • bngn3000

    #26 just saw #5 the zombie-deer apocalypse

    • dashete

      Yeah they definitely seem stuffed, which is creepier, somehow.

    • Kevin

      Nope, Chuck Testa

  • obviousssssssss

    #3 Dylan with LG.

    • TRON


  • patov40

    I love bestiality.

  • troutisafish

    How am I going to get this shit off my paws?

  • Dude

    #5 You're screwed

  • saucypants

    #8 Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake.

  • ithilmor

    with great powers come great responsibilities

  • ithilmor

    and thats why i named you 'broken rubber'

    • Iam_Dave

      good one 😀

      • Allen

        It's a zonkey…my favorite

    • P90

      I thought her name was Debra..

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #16 yeah, penguins are dicks

  • Emma Oliver

    #15 Zedonk! yay! big up for Colchester Zoo!

    • Randall Gallegos

      i REALLY thought this was a funny shop till your post. then i found this.

    • P90

      Would the offspring of a donkey and a white horse be a honkey?

  • Mick

    You probably thought these deer were real #5 … NOPE CHUCK TESTA

    • Meh

      HA! Well done, sir.

  • dashete

    #10 Suprise facesekks! For both of them…

  • Diego Colafabio

    #3 Love it 🙂

  • Chuck Testa

    Are those animals?


    Chuck Testa

  • The HUSS

    #9 this one suck !

    • Tate

      While they may not suck per se, if you put peanut butter anywhere on your body……

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